Find out where Juvenile was caught on camera fighting

Photo Credit: Juveline's Instagram (@juviethegreat)
Photo credit: Instagram – @juviethegreat

These days, it’s rarely a surprise when reports come in that rappers, or really any other kind of celebrity, have gotten into a fight. But sometimes even the stars end up in fights that leave us dropping our jaws and that certainly was the case recently when reports surfaced that rapper Juvenile was caught on camera fighting in, of all places, a Waffle House.

According to media reports, the fight happened last Friday night in a South Carolina Waffle house, but footage of the fight just surfaced yesterday. Eyewitnesses on the scene reports that the former Cash Money Records hit maker and his crew were entering the famous chain restaurant when a fellow customer yelled out “Juvenile here, here come all the h-s now.”

Well, while the customer may have been lightly joking about Juvie’s days of making twerk hits like “Back That A– Up,” Juvie wasn’t so happy about the joke, especially because his wife, Shadonna Jones, was with him and his friends.

Juvie felt that the customer had insulted his wife and the video footage shows Juvie arguing with the man before his friends pull him away and try to diffuse the situation. However, as Juvie walks outside, the customer stands up and begins yelling something at the rapper, which prompted Juvie to walk back in and begin punching the customer.

Some of Juvie’s friends appear to join in on the fight before others come in to pull the rapper and the customer apart. Sources say that Juvie and his crew immediately left and that the customer left as well. The police reportedly didn’t show up to the scene until an hour later and by that time no one was there to make an official complaint, so there reportedly is no official report of the fight.

Well, that is definitely one crazy celebrity fight story and we’ll have to see what police do now that footage of the fight has been released.

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