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Dad Eric Gaines uses coaching skills to guide his kids and athletes

Courtesy: Eric Gaines

Photo courtesy of Eric Gaines

Great coaches teach us how to succeed in the game of life. They cultivate confidence and instill discipline, with unwavering support. Industrial engineer and soccer coach, Eric Gaines, coaches kids on and off the field with remarkable dedication. He’s a father who is more than just a figure.

“Eric is a patient and attentive father who always goes the extra mile for his children. I couldn’t be more proud of the role model he is for our children and the children he coaches,” says Gaines’ wife, La-Toya.

Gaines took some time out to share his thoughts on how he teaches kids about growth and achieving success despite adversity.


How does a coach and father understand the process of allowing room for growth?

A coach works with their players during practice to help them learn skills and how those skills can be applied in a game situation. The coach then has to allow the player to use the learned skills as they see fit in a real game. The same is true with parenting and allowing your child to use the life skills taught to navigate through the world.