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Bravo’s Karen Huger of ‘Real Housewives of Potomac’ launches hair collection

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Photo courtesy of Karen Huger

“Real Housewives of Potomac” cast member Karen Huger has become yet another reality star to venture into the hair industry with the launch of her new extensions line, Icon Hair Collection. The hair industry is reportedly worth almost a billion dollars and there’s been a widespread increase of Black hair care businesses over the past five years. It’s notorious for being one of the most saturated markets but Huger assures customers the quality of her line will set her apart from the other companies. Check out what she had to say below.

Can you tell us about your new business venture with Icon Hair Collection?
Absolutely. It’s a joy that I’ve wanted to bring to the market for many years so I finally sat down and put it together. It’s been in the works for about two years. I partnered up with Beauty Bundles by Beholder EL and we started this venture to bring another accessory to women to empower them and give them hair that actually allows them to be the best version of themselves.

What kind of hair do you have in the collection?
We have the body wave, curly, loose wave and straight. We also have closures and frontals. We are a full arsenal of the hair industry and it’s 100 percent raw virgin hair.

What has been your biggest seller from the hair collection?
I’m going to say the body wave is the biggest seller at this point. It allows you to wear it if you go swimming. You can wear it and it will be curly. It will give you that sexy, beach look. If you want to blow it dry it can do a straight, elegant look for you, as well. It has versatility.

What sets the Icon Hair Collection apart from all of the other hair companies?
I would have to say it’s our quality and the fact that we have vendors from all around the world supplying us. Quality and supply is something that you really have to consider when going into the hair industry. This hair can last for up to a year if properly cared for. I don’t want to brag more but it’s good. I have been at this game for a long time so I enjoy extensions and I enjoy clip-ins. My hair works well with extensions and it also dyes very well. It gives you that quality plus supply. Again, the supply is more than one supplier from around the world. My frustration in this industry is when you call and order and it’s out of stock. We are never out of stock and thank God.

Did you wear the hair on this past season?
Oh, God, no! Did you not watch my story? I was not thinking about my looks. I was actually empty nesting. All I was thinking about was my child going off to college and having no babies at home. I was living in my moment like most women in my situation at this point in their lives. I certainly was not thinking about how I looked.

Why did you name it Icon Hair Collection?
Every woman is an icon in her own right. It was all about rebirthing and feeling that power again. I had been an at home mom for the last 19 years and loved every bit of it, but [starting Icon Hair Collection] was absolutely a rebirth for me. I felt very iconic when I put this together because it’s about enhancing beauty. Every woman deserves to feel beautiful. This hairline allows them to enhance their true beauty, so it’s iconic in that sense.

How are you marketing the brand? Do you have any event activations coming up?
I will be traveling because we are taping the second season, but I will be down in Atlanta at the hair shows. I will also be in Florida’s hair show this summer. I will be hosting a TV program very shortly in which my hair line will be featured. I am not just depending on social media to launch this. We are doing a huge media blitz on it. This line allows women to enhance their natural beauty. It’s something that I think will be well received.

How has your life changed as a result of the show?
My life has changed tremendously in the fact that it has kept me humble. People love the show and to be a part of a project that has been such a huge success has been very humbling for me. I am very grateful for having that experience. I’ve met such beautiful people. Everyone calls me Mrs. Karen now. They feel like they know me. I feel the love that they give me so that’s been the most beautiful thing about being on a reality show.

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