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Inventor Yvette Kendall is cornering the market in tech, science and fashion

Yvette Kendall (courtesy)
Yvette Kendall (courtesy)

Since she was a child growing up in Chicago, Yvette Kendall had a curiosity and a knack for unusual things. Kendall decided that she would like to see her ideas on store shelves, so she founded Female Black Inventors Rocks (FBI Rocks). FBI Rocks raises awareness for female inventors of color who are in need of funding, product development assistance and exposure. Since its inception, FBI Rocks has been a one-stop resource for Black girls and women to gain interest and to excel in the fields of intellectual property and product development.

As she progresses in the STEM industry, Kendall is carving a niche in her field of unlimited opportunities. She was the first to file a patent for E-Book Readers in July 1998. Ahead of her time, when she invented the E-Reader, she named it the “Bookman” but it was ill-received. At that time, the notion of reading books and magazines on an electronic device was a concept too strange for most to consider.

Kendall’s innovations have national appeal. The first was Scalers Shoes, fitness sneakers with a built-in body weight scale with digital screen. They debuted on the “Today Show.” Another success was Cleencups, the World’s first anti-bacterial drinking cups. These cups have a food safe anti-bacterial coating that sanitizes the hands once users touch them. Cleencups signed a licensing deal with Discovery Channel Television in 2010.

Other products that Kendall has invented are Hatari Helmets, which are motion graphic and animated motorcycle helmets, and Meal Pearls, which is a new food source developed by use of Bio-Polymers and most recently Ballisticks Pads, a new personal life-saving bulletproof pad, which has over-performed in initial tests.

She’s about to make history. The serial innovator and CEO of Ballisticks Instant Bulletproofing, she’s in negotiations with the Vietnamese military for her product.

Here, you can learn more about Kendall.

Please describe your leadership style as CEO:
My leadership style is truly from example. Because the industry that I am in is still being pioneered by women of color, it’s best to lead by my experiences, the good and the bad. My vantage point is from typically unseen angles and opportunities. I have learned that success is relative and can be obtained easily with the step-by-step method. Success can not always be measured with dollars, cents and material acquisitions. I have acquired a set of skills that if applied along with current understanding can tip the scales favorably to the user.

What is your mission statement?
Make yourself your own collateral, your own commodity. Our goal is to ignite the minds of our African-American girls and women; to use their minds to change our world. We cultivate and promote our ladies to conceptualize their intellectual property to produce successful product commercialization and protection by offering information, education, and guidance including mentorship, business contacts and networking opportunities in an environment that stimulates inventors at every level. No age is too young or too old, we believe that genius can come from anyone at any age, it just needs to be properly accessed; and we do it
with style!

What three skill sets are critical for the future executive that you hire for your organization?
1. Ability to listen.
2. Ability to understand.
3. Ability to execute.

How does having an advanced degree benefit you and your clients?
Education is extremely important and advanced education even more so! The more you learn, the more you can offer to your team and to your company. Learning from an organized learning institution gives a structure unlike any other and the accomplishments gained via higher learning institutions will carry you far.

How do you utilize technology to benefit your organization?
It’s 100 percent of what we do! Technology is forever and quickly changing so our Female Black Inventors have to rapidly understand and push themselves further and faster. Science, medicine, math, engineering, chemical research, food frontier and technology is the everyday conversation and goals.

Finish the sentences:
Team work is important because…the more input you have the better the outcome will be.
The best way to recruit great talent is…to be open minded and look for new team members with the same or greater vision.
Speaking a second language is important because…the world is bigger than where you came from.

What social media platforms do you engage in the most?
Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter

What professional organizations do you support?
Female Entrepreneurs and Innovation Organizations.

Describe your networking style:
Educating myself on who I wish to network with. Show an interest in them professionally and with support of their work with whatever time I can.

If you were giving a graduation speech to college students, what would the title of your speech be? Share three reasons why.
“Have Vision And Be The First….the first paves the way for all the rest.”
1. If you can’t see past what is already there, you will continue to do what has already been done.
2. Be The Pioneer! Changing the world has many ingredients but the first one is “Bravery”.
3. There are no limitations, only what you feel you can see. Once you shed the scales of fear, everything is possible.

Name your two favorite vacation destinations to relax and recharge. Why?
Paris- I love the culture, the language, the food and the old world nostalgia.
Fiji- Sun, water, sand and sound.

What are you reading? And share your two favorite books.
A. The Alchemist-Paulo Coelho
B. The Lost Symbol-Dan Brown

Name business and political leaders who inspire you.
Business: Mellody Hobson, Mark Zuckerberg, Carlos Helu Slim
P olitical: Sun Tzu, Aristotle, Barack Obama

Innovation, cooking, researching, designing, beauty industry

Two favorite quotes that motivate you.
A. “It takes an insane belief in yourself to make your vision of life a reality.” ~Yvette Kendall
B. “Imagination is ore important that knowledge.” ~Albert Einstein

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