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Gasp! White kid apologizes for ‘White boy privilege’

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How brave is this kid at The Paideia School in Atlanta. During the Junior High’s Poetry Slam, an end-of-the-year event, Royce performed “White Boy Privilege” and took the honors of first place.

He opens this three-minute diatribe apologizing to white women, Native Americans and people of color for the long-stranding privilege of white boys and men who refuse to share and spread the wealth. He criticizes stereotyping, racial profiling and labeling.

He admits he doesn’t want to trade places with anyone and he starts off at the top of the ladder because he is middle to upper class in society. He closes with a powerful call-to-action, “It’s time to take that ladder and turn it into a bridge.”

It’s a quite a moving piece that causes one to reflect. There’s no doubt that many Blacks, Hispanics and women are underprivileged, but not many white men are willing to admit that they are overprivileged. They don’t identify as White Supremacist, but they are for whatever reason living in a state of bliss and neither will admit or acknowledge they take advantage of and hold an invisible but weighty bag of options and assets not afforded to the colored, poor and underserved.

[This video first surfaced in May 2016 and disappeared. It has resurfaced and it’s so timely.]

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