7 business books that every entrepreneur should read

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“Some people will lie, cheat, steal and back-stab to get ahead… and to think, all they have to do is READ!” – Fortune

When studying the habits of successful people in business, I continuously came across one thing they all had in common. That one thing is the fact they all are well read. Reading opens the doors of worlds away. It educates you, enlightens you and entertains you. Some of the most successful people of our times never graced a stage to receive their degrees in higher education. They found a mentor and they read a lot of articles and books. I’m going to share seven business books that I feel every entrepreneur should read.

“Not all readers are leaders… but all leaders are readers.” ~ Henry Truman

Think & Grow Rich

1.    Think & Grow Rich (the original version) by Napoleon Hill

This book is a classic. Even though it was published almost 80 years ago, this business book showcases principles that some of the most successful business leaders around the world have incorporated into their daily lives. Think & Grow Rich helps create a mindset that attracts success. Selling millions and millions of copies worldwide, this is one of the most influential business books of all times. It is consistently at the top of all of every business leader’s list of books to read.

Awakening The Giant Within

2.    Awakening the Giant: How to Take Control of your Mental, Physical, Emotional and Financial Destiny by Tony Robbins

This book is my favorite of many by this amazing businessman and philanthropist. He shares the core principles and strategies that kept him on top of the game in business and as the most sought after life coach in the world. Robbins provides fundamental steps and encouragement to attain the goals that you want and create the future of your dreams. This book is life-changing.


3.    Hiring the Heavens by Jean Slatter

In Hiring the Heavens, Jean Slatter explains or rather confirms something that many of us already know. The creator has already assigned angels to help us carry out our life’s assignment.  She tells the story of how she got all the help that she needed to run her business. Jean challenges and instructs you to shift your perspective and connect to the creator to get the assistance that you need from the heavenly guides provided for you to be a success.

Profit First

4.    Profit First: A Simple System to Transform any Business from a Cash-Eating Cow to a Money Making Monster: by Mike Michalowicz

Are you an entrepreneur that needs a kick in your butt to get you on the right path? If yes, Profit First is the book for you. Many business owners make the mistake of focusing on bills first instead of their earnings. Using four fundamental principles: 1) Small Plates 2) Serve Sequentially 3) Remove Temptation and 4) Enforce a Rhythm, the author creates a system that makes sure the business owner gets first dibs.

Be Bad First

5.    Be Bad First: Get Good at Things Fast to Stay Ready for the Future: By Erika Anderson

This book is dynamic and it is for everybody. It provides the reader comfort by letting them know that is okay being a novice and that most rough starts have smooth finishes. It focuses on 1) being okay with not being good the first time around; 2) how to manage your self-talk; 3) have faith in your ability to get good; and 4) bridge from what you know. Using what you already know to get where you want to go.

The 10X Rule

6.    The Ten X Rule: The Only Difference Between Success and Failure by Grant Cardone

I know for a fact that if you want to achieve anything, you must go hard. The Ten X Rule teaches under the fundamental principle that if you work 10 times harder, you will achieve greatness. By applying the “Principles of Amplified Effort,” it will help you to stop procrastinating, it will increase your self-belief, and find or reaffirm your purpose as you aim for abundance in all areas of your life.

The Motivation Manifesto

7.    Motivation Manifesto By Brendan Burchard

If we need anything everyday besides food and water, we need motivation. From the very beginning with the “Declarations,” this books warms my spirit. Brendan Burchard didn’t come to play games, as he figuratively gets in your face and demands the best out of you while teaching you how to be intentional. He talks about modern day distractions, how to tackle them head on and how to overcome obstacles.

There’s no reason you can’t be an avid reader. Technology has afforded us the luxury to have the ability to access hundreds of books on our smartphones and to listen to them on demand. So, even if you aren’t the old-fashioned type like me who likes to hold the book in their hands and turn the pages, you still have access to the knowledge. No excuses.

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