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Adam Serwer is an editor on a mission to empower readers

Photo credit: Twitter — @

Adam Serwer Photo credit: Twitter – @AdamSerwer

Adam Serwer
Senior Editor
The Atlantic

Columbia University, M.S.
Vassar College, B.A.

Adam Serwer is that rare journalist who rather than having to apply for jobs, he is constantly being recruited. He has just began his role as senior editor at The Atlantic where management had been keeping an eye on him for years. In a memo announcing Serwer’s hire, editor J.J. Gould wrote that Serwer “first worked with us — hard to believe it now — seven years ago as a guest blogger for [Ta-Nehisi Coates]. I’ve been hoping for the right opportunity to bring him here full time ever since, so high-fives all around.”

When Serwer joined BuzzFeed, the Washington Monthly ran a story with the headline, “BuzzFeed Trades Up,” noting that his first position as an editor had been designed especially for him. As the national editor, Serwer led a small team of reporters covering important stories across the country.

In a powerful essay he explained why the Republican Party was unable to stop Trump. In another piece he told the history of an iconic Civil War photo of a Black man in a Confederate uniform.

The Path

For three years following graduate school, Serwer was a writing fellow at The American Prospect. Following a year as a contributing blogger for The Washington Post, he joined Mother Jones as a reporter. He also served as a national reporter for MSNBC focusing on civil rights issues. In addition to blogging at the once popular Black website, Jack and Jill Politics; Serwer has written for The Village Voice, The Washington Post, The Root, and the Daily News.


The Root 100 honoree told the gala crowd, “Your success is not your own. Someone put in the work to help make you who you are.”

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