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White officer wants charges dropped after killing naked and unarmed Black man


via DeKalb Police Department


A White police officer could be sentenced to prison for killing a Black man near Atlanta. The incident occurred in the spring of 2015 when police officer Robert Olsen approached Anthony Hill. Hill, a military veteran, suffered from mental issues and was off medication when he began running outside naked.

Hill was reportedly knocking on doors and acting strange at an apartment complex when police were called. But instead of giving Hill the medical attention needed, the mentally ill man was met with violence.

Officer Olsen was never threatened by Hill who was unarmed at the time. However, Olsen shot Hill several times and killed him without a substantial reason. After witness testimony and video emerged, Olsen was charged with two counts of felony murder and aggravated assault. He was also charged with making false statements and violating his oath as an officer.

However, Olsen believes that his murder case should be dismissed. According to the Associated Press, Olsen’s attorney wanted the charges to be dismissed because “unnecessary people” were in the courtroom during the grand jury proceedings.

It’s a pathetic attempt to get away with murder from a person who was paid by taxpayers to uphold the law. Across the nation, police officers have been under fire because of brutality and violence against unarmed Black people. Olsen is one of only a few officers who have recently been charged for killing an unarmed person. But charges, at times, are not enough. In July, all of the police officers who were involved in the murder of Freddie Gray had their charges dismissed or we were found not guilty.

And the same could possibly happen with Olsen’s case. The judge in Olsen case is currently reviewing if charges should be dismissed.


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  2. Robert Slackware on September 10, 2016 at 11:51 am

    murder charges should be dismissed. When did he plan to withhold the nuts meds so he could then shoot him?
    obama is the one who kills off vets by withholding treatment and medication.
    Georgia allows vets to be armed, so if he was unarmed it was his choice.