Blac Youngsta is summer ’16’s breakthrough artist

Blac Youngsta
Photo credit: Royal Bridges for Steed Media

This summer’s breakthrough artist was undoubtedly Blac Youngsta. From the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, Blac Youngsta has made a way for himself and stamped a record deal with Yo Gotti and Epic Records. Blac Youngsta released a song this summer called “Shake Sum” that made a lot of noise.

He became regionally known after his 2014 release called “Fast Bricks 3” that caught the attention of Gotti, giving him the opportunity to tour with the hip-hop heavyweight. Since then he has released an album and series of singles that have skimmed through the hip hop community leading up to “Shake Sum” arguably one of the hottest songs of summer. Rolling out had a chance to sit down with Blac Youngsta to chop it up about his music.

When did you know that you had a hit record?
I never had a hit, a hit is when you go platinum, I can say a hot song. I dropped a few hot songs, but “Shake Sum” I would consider to be my first big song. I knew when it dropped and the DJs kept asking for the clean version and I they put it on the radio that it was a big record.
What was the inspiration behind “Shake Sum”?
It actually came to me while I was looking at a house and got word that Young Dolph had made a diss record about me. My mixtape was due to drop two hours later so I went straight to the studio and laid the track. I was scared folks would think it’s wack, but it went viral. I had pressure on me, homie dissed me so I had to come back. What he said was bumping so I had to come hard.
What does Atlanta mean to you?
Man, I love Atlanta. I use to come to Atlanta when I was young and I always heard it was a great place to start a music career. My first show I ever did here sold out. I went from the small clubs to the bigger clubs and it’s still growing. I love this city. I’m from Memphis, Tennessee, and it’s amazing to me how I went from being nobody to having lines wrapped around the building.
What’s a perfect day in Atlanta look like to you?
I mean I don’t do much. I relax. I went to the strip club one time with a robe and my boxers on. Just fun, staying hyped. You can’t sleep around me.
There are a lot of groupies on the road; do you love groupies?
I be thumping them like ants. I don’t really deal with the groupies.
What type of women do you like? Do you prefer slim or thick chicks?
Thick is cool, but I prefer slim girls. I doesn’t always run off sex. I run off money.
What do you use to take care of your skin?
I just have good African American skin, I just use lotion. I only use Olay lotion.
Where did the name “Blac Youngsta” come from?
It came from me being young and running wild. People use to call me pig. Once I started rapping I told everybody to call me Youngsta. Then I just put the Blac in front of it.
Is there anything that you would like for your fans to know about you?
I love all my fans; I love all my supporters; y’all make me rich. If I can do a few favors for y’all, slide in my DMs.
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