Hip-hop’s Shawty Lo leaves 9 babies’ mamas, 11 children to cherish his memory

Shawty Lo with his 11 children and 10 exes. (Photo credit: Oxygen Network)

Atlanta rapper Carlos Walker, aka “Shawty Lo,” was killed in a fatal and fiery, single car crash Wednesday morning, Sept. 21, 2016.

Walker, his children’s mothers, 10 of them, and his 11 children (nine daughters and two sons) had plans to appear on a reality show, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” in 2013 that was canceled before it aired.

One of them preceded him in death. On Sunday, July 26. Angela “Chocolate” Beasley, affectionately known as “The Fighter Baby Mama,” spent the last few hours of her life celebrating her 36th birthday at Cozumel The Mexican Cantina on Old National Highway in Georgia, where she also worked as a waitress. She later lost her life in a car accident on an Atlanta highway.

Left to cherish Walker’s memory are his babies’ mamas, who each had nicknames and were set to appear on the reality show with him. They include First Lady E’Creia, who handled Lo’s finances and who was once engaged to him; Amanda, the “Jealous Baby Mama”; Sujuan, the “Wanna-be Bougie Baby Mama”; Tamara, the “No-Drama Baby Mama”; Serena, the “Shady Baby Mama,” and Pebbles, the “Baby Mama from Hell.”

A few of his kids’ names are Kiana Hill, Alexis Watson, Aja Thomas, Sacaria Reed, Nala Perez, and India Watson.

In 2003, Shawty Lo formed the hip-hop group D4L (Down for Life) with fellow Atlanta-based rappers Fabo, Mook-B and Stoney. Shawty Lo subsequently launched his indie record label D4L Records. On June 16, 2011, Shawty Lo announced he suffered from diabetes.

Shawty Lo’s death update: Photo surfaces of his wrecked Audi

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    1. BTD, it’s funny how mention tax payers will take care of his kids since this man had millions of dollars. I guess those millions of dollars want be used to take care of his kids, but since you assuming and really don’t know.

        1. Since, you know so much provide your proof that he don’t. My mother was killed when I was a child and wasn’t taken care of by no tax payers. Like I said people always assuming but know crap.

          1. Sorry for your loss but I’ll stick by that statement, it’s a pretty safe assumption to make considering his judgment. What’s your reasoning to assume he does? Don’t know what you’re talking about taxpayers for.

          2. What’s your reason that he don’t, again you assuming. I mention taxpayers, because your ignorant friend BTD mention it. This man loss his life, because of a hit and run and you and BTD making statements about his money/finances. That’s not important and shouldn’t even matter to you, me, and anyone else.

          3. Im just not a phony that feels the need to say nice things about someone just because they passed. I feel for his children that’s why it matters but the man was an irresponsible buffoon and you probably felt the same way yesterday.

          4. Actually I knew Lo well along with a couple other friends … Excuse me tho have we met?, because from the way you’re talking you’ve had to be around some of us at one point…. Lo’s children were taken care of while he was with us and will continue to be taken care of in his transitioning. And the tax payers dollars don’t even help the young black boys and girls anyway unless it’s for a paid vacation for the officer that killed them so you can save that argument … The fact that you got all that from a title and a picture let’s me know what level of life you play…. You shouldn’t let tv and news teach you everything… Open your mind more and live?? btw his kids all had accounts and savings … When you make the money in the tax bracket Lo was in you make executive decisions… We’ll see what ppl say about you when your Audi “gets ran off the road” mysteriously…. Anyway have a nice day……

          5. I didnt know him and I’m sorry his children no longer have a father but he put this bs out there. It will be in the first paragraph of his obituary because he chose to put that bs out there and capitalize on it with that straight up disrespectful show. I’m not making it up or going out on a limb to suggest he’s irresponsible.

          6. There’s no law that states we’re not allowed to have as many kids as we want by as many different ppl as we want I don’t understand why it’s any of your concern because he took very good care of his kids and he had savings accounts for them so fun the government even in death he will still b taking responsibility for the kids he fathered which is the only thing that matters so Fuk your opinion why hide the fact that you have 11 kids with 10 different women he was a proud father how can you call his actions irresponsible he wanted 11 kids he got em the best way he knew how and if you think fathering 11 kids and responsibly monetarily taking care of them is irresponsible I wonder how you provide yours

          7. My issue really isn’t even him having all of those children with all the different moms although I do think it is terribly irresponsible, even if he was providing financially. He made it an issue for me when he decided to try and exploit the situation with that disrespectful show, where he gives the mothers of his children nicknames like,“Shady Baby Mama,” and “Baby Mama from Hell.” I can’t support anyone disrespecting black people and especially black women, we get enough disrespect.

          8. Well, irresponsible is not being responsible or accountable for behavior within your control. No matter how good of a person he was ( we all have good in us) he still displayed irresponsible behavior. For you or anyone to think having all these kids with multiple women is ok shows your own lack of judgment. Having accounts open for his kids (probably not even all of them) is not the only responsibility a parent has for his/her kids. All these diseases out there and you still think it’s ok to sleep around and not get married? All of this is just dysfunctional, hood type thinking, so sad.

          9. Where do these people live that think it’s okay to have children by all of those women? Let me know so I can steer clear of them. This is only okay in the bizzaro world or in our communities, it is sad.

          10. They don’t know lo. If u from Atlanta like us then u know he was a real west side boss. I used to see lo everyday when I lived on center hill off of bankhead an his studio was next store to bankhead seafood cross the street from pic n pay corner store. Lo been getting money. Ain’t I feel we’re u coming from cuz folks act like his kids are babies most of his kids are dam near grown or grown. U know u winning when the hate is real. Fly high big homie

          11. Exactly! Thank you! People are always talking about people they know nothing about. People here in the ATL know the reality.

          12. you mean when you make the money in that tax bracket your crimes you committed for that money are ignored. if he made a million dollars off his crap music career humanity is doomed end of story.

          13. Thank you for putting the truth out there. People who know what they’re talking about know he took care of his kids and helped take care of some that weren’t even his. He could have bought everything most of the people making negative comments own and had money left over. To the haters: If you’re not familiar with the south and west sides of ATL, you need to shut up because you don’t know what you’re talking about.

          14. They don’t know s— that’s why they say such stupid s— this man is gone just pray for them an move on no need for the stupid remarks if you don’t know now you will never know his finances….

        2. Lo was a millionare before the rap game. Carlos was a real dopeboy who had bricks. He lived 4 house down from t.I. I’m from Atlanta used to see him everyday. Feds been tryna lock lo up

          1. Let the man rest in peace an the hate is real. U shouldn’t wish death on somebody u don’t even know cuz it can happen to u or me. Tommmorow ain’t promise an if God want u can’t run.

          2. It’s funny how you mention tomorrow is not promised Scripture right but you not suppose to be up shacking Round glorifinig have 11kids by nine different women he’ll last time I checked ATL is one of the top cities for HIV and you being that reckless with your life. I DONT AGREE HE DESERVED TO DIE but he was playing with fire and when you ply with fire you get burned. Now let’s talk about taxes you said he got millions right but every dude I know who pays child support says the women miss use the money. Now from what I read he name these women Nick names that seem to be pretty common names for someone you reply don’t think highly of so if these women are as ghetto as there names are then that millions of dollars will be gone in no time leaving yes the tax payers to feed and shelter these kids by providing food stamps and section Aide to these mothers what kind of health insurance did they have I bet all medicad so don’t make it seem like tax payers are not going to pay now that he has passed

          3. Was was your point writing a story that tryna explain nothing. I don’t care about none of that shit u talking. I don’t know you an u don’t know me. Your oppion don’t make me miss or loose no sleep. All I said is let the man rest n peace. An all his kids are dam near grown except three. So find u someone to play with

          4. WHO THE HELL cares! This man is gone! Let him JUST rest in peace! He’s probably laughing at ya’ll who ARE talking about him! I know I am! HAHAHA


          6. How was he a standvup gu y if your way to success was killing your own slowly by selling them drugs dontvmake you a stand up guy and if you have all those kids by all tjosevwomen then you are disrespectful to everyone of them mother’s because he did not feel none of them was good enough to marry women stop letting dude’s like this get away with the fuckery he teaches all his daughters it’s OK to be a baby momma and to be with a dude who don’t really care about you women base there life off of how there other treated there mother that’s the kind of relationships she will look for cause she do t know nothing else. And to say he spent time with all his kids everyday is a lie normsly when you have kids you help them with home work school functions you go to people get this mid conception that your doing your job if you spending money that’s not what makes you a father spending quality time with your kids you got 11kifs but you still in the strip club how old Are you again when you got that many kids how do you have time to do anything else but be a father he’ll I got four and I don’t feel I have enough time in the day cause I work I know you have to give your kids money but you can’t buy true love

      1. Check your English! (I guess those millions of dollars want be used….?!) Never heard of him. He had nine mothers of eleven children. His money won’t last a minute. Look at the nicknames he gives to those who created his children? The no-drama mamma is about the only one with a name which does not disparage. Doubt whatever money he had left will cover more than the funeral. His house for himself and each of them will cost money. They were probably not working since everyone body was going to be part of the defunked reality show. He had an Audi, bet none of them had an Audi, but if he was providing for ALL those children, he will have to have more than the money some dreaming up he possessed. In ATL, he was not a pauper, but he was certainly no millionaire. Now, ev’rybody going to have to get out there and work for a living, and not just the bed springs. Knew someone else like him who also believed in creating a tribe. It is a form of mental illness. The women simply wanted to procreate like basketball wives.

          1. You are such a loser. What’s the meaning of troll? I’ll wait…stop hiding behind a computer to express your feelings..coward! We all know that you are not brave enough to confront someone personally with these thoughts. Instead, you like to troll urban forums because no one will know who you are. You’re pathetic!

          2. Everyone else disagreed with me too but you and racist bw hating Sol are the only ones throwing around insults from behind the screen. Yeah I’m the coward. Girl bye!

    2. Wow what a ignorant d— you are btd shawty lo died in 6 figured car how dare you say anything about tax dollars smh , I bet u won’t go to atl and say that, I really hate u internet bullies ? RIP LO

    3. You are very, very, very uninformed. Shawty Lo had a net worth of millions. It’s not a secret. Check out some of the reputable net worth websites. Or better yet, come to ATL and see how his kids are living.

    4. I think the tax system has far bigger problems than mr Lo’s kids, like the influx of illegal immigrants, a large number from Europe, syrian refugees and tax dodging criminals like Donald Trump

  1. NONE of you f—tards has/had to take care of ANY of this man kids damn…this man just lost his life & ya’ll concerned about how many kids he have when they gone be taken care of regardless!!! SMH such a disgrace R.I.P. Shawty Lo!!

  2. so folks are upset he had children with different women (but took care of them with $$ he made) but ok with sisterwives? sounds like a double standard here. but I guess if you continue to live and have sexual relations with all the women and they all get along and they all share the same man its ok? but if they live in different homes and they aren’t sexually involved with that 1 man anymore it is a shame? that sounds weird. Praying for peace and closure for the kids, ladies, and family.

    1. idgaf how much money someone makes this dude didnt raise any kids. I’m sure they’re scholars and geniuses. Probably eat fried chicken and kool aid nightly. So now dude had 11 kids all likely to have diabetes Lol way to F’ up the genome with your worthless monkey genes ‘Lo.


  3. Anyone who calls this clown a musician is a twat. Good riddance to a worthless waste of space. Lol 9 mothers to 11 kids. Since they can’t stand alone for anything they need to f— constantly spreading AIDS while getting each other addicted to drugs because that’s the only career they can have outside of robbing and selling drugs.

  4. SHORTY WAS A COMPLETE DISGRACE TO BLACK AMERICA as hard as we try to keep negative roll model from our kids media will highlight a thug black man faster then they will a classy successful black male , leaving white to use people like him ., to laugh at us ,, his death is no monument rappers alway into somthing rather the streets or a car acting crazy , he is no tupac so bury him and keep it moving , 11 kids his ass should been forced to do a vascetmy cause it not he kids it his nasty NO CONDOM DIC SWINGING THAT MADE NO SENSE…and one day black men will be force to get a vasectomy to reduce population,,,, and thats when blacks will understand freedom 11 kids mean he was not livin his potential … were already controled some have been given a dnc for miscarriage and baby was alive still

      1. Why, because all those supporting Trump just happy about all the children a black man can procreate with different women? Who is sounding ignorant? Trump had to do with this topic how? Must not have encountered a Trump supporter or know anything about what constitutes someone who supports him. LMFAO 2!

  5. It doesn’t matter how many damn kids he had, he took care of all of them, they all loved their daddy, and now he is gone. People need to think before they speak, especially at a tragic time like this. All prayers go to his family. They will be well taken care of. Oh and lets not blame him, for a car accident. He set his kids up well with accounts and I am sure he had life insurance. And yes he had millions, he wasn’t just a rapper, he was also a legit business man.

  6. He took care of all his kids before and after fame hunny so you can go troll somewhere else ignorance is a bliss but r.i.p Shawty Lo my prayers go out your family and children ?

  7. Too many baby mamas looks like straight trash every last one. Who in their right mind would date a man who goes in and makes babies with every woman he dates

  8. These black female feminists made sure that they stop a black man in hip hop, from showing the world that every black man is not a dad beat, and that he’s able to support and take his children and family.. I HOPE THEY BRING SHAWTY LO’S STORY TO THE BIG SCREEN OR TV.. HE WAS A GOOD MAN IN SO MANY WAYS, AND THE WORLD NEEDS TO SEE THE GOOD IN HIP HOP.. RIH SOLDIER “DEY NO”

      1. Respectfully you are correct, but as long as the Bible gives us reference, that every knee shall bow, and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, I’m sure his soul is resting with The Lord.. The world needs to know, that we all have a personal relationship with The Lord, requiring that our responsibilities and understanding are going to be different.. So, we who have a more in-depth or knowledge of Christ, need to be patient with our judgment, because our outer look is not Gods understanding of man soul. Only He knows the beginning and end, and may his soul NOW rest with The Lord.. Thanks for your response!!

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