Rapper Shawty Lo dead at 40


Rapper Carlos Walker, aka “Shawty Lo”, was killed in a fatal and fiery, one-car crash on Wednesday morning, September 21, 2016. A resident of Moultrie, Georgia he’s a founding member of the hip-hop group “D4L” and in 2003, founded D4L Records. He is perhaps best known for his debut single “Dey Know.”

In 2008, he received a “Rookie of the Year” and “Track of the Year” ["Dey Know] BET Awards. Last we heard of Shawty Lo and his entertainment career, the rapper-turned-prospective reality star is still working to get his ill-fated series, “All My Babies’ Mamas,” on Oxygen Network with his then 11 children with 10 different women. One of the women, Angela “Chocolate” Beasley, 36, died on last July 26, 2015. Ironically, she too died in a fiery car crash.


The Georgia Department of Transportation reports the vehicle that was struck hit two trees before catching on fire. The other vehicle fled the scene. Cpl. Partrena Smith said one person died after being ejected, and two others were transported to the hospital.

He was 40 years old

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  1. What are the chances he left a will, trust or any kind of security for his 11 children? Zero to none is my bet. The kids should blame their mothers for procreating with this “man”.

    1. Why is this important to you? A man just lost his life due to a hit a run accident, children just lost a father, parents just lost their child and the one thing that you care to focus on, is that he probably didn’t leave a “trust or any kind of security for his 11 children”. Stop being a troll. I get so tired of people like you, hiding behind your computer making asinine remarks.
      We live in sad sad world.

    2. idiot! You went left field with this. Is this another shot at the “black man”. You don’t even know NOTHING about this “man”. He’s not on trial… For God sake, he lost his life in a fatal accident and this is what you have to say? Ignorant person… So, I guess YOU a nigger!

    3. You are so damn ignorant. What the hell does that have too do with anything at this moment. This man just lost his life and you are concerned about something that doesn’t involve your ass!! Another thing even if he didn’t have a will i bet the money is still going to go on his kids and babies mother’s so get a life and worry about things that you should worry about. You don’t know anything about this man

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