Rapper Pohhla opens up about Shawty Lo’s influence

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Shawty Lo’s life and influence live on.

As previously reported, Shawty Lo, whose real name is Carlos Walker, was killed in a car crash in Atlanta in the early hours of Sept. 22 when his 2016 Audi, launched over a guardrail and hit several trees before catching fire. According to authorities, the 40-year-old rapper was ejected and died at the scene.

In the days since, family, friends, fans and celebrities alike have mourned the loss of the famed Atlanta hitmaker. Most recently, megastar Beyoncé danced to Shawty Lo’s “Dey Know,” during a concert performance at the Georgia Dome on Monday, Sept. 26.

Now, fellow rapper and friend Pohhla is sharing his thoughts on the moment he first met Lo and the overall impact he’s had on his career. “I first met Shawty Lo in like 2013 through a close friend and Atlanta-based producer named Gamble,” Pohhla tells rolling out. “Over the years I always wanted to do a song with him and finally I asked Gamble to link it up and they liked the track so we moved forward from there.” Later on, the pair would drop “Work.”

“He was one of the realest [sic] in the rap game. That’s why I didn’t understand the beef with him and TI. Those are real dudes and a lot of these artists these days will do anything to be seen. But he always just himself, said Pohhla. “He was a father and he loved all his kids. I think that’s what is really sad about everything. His kids lost a great dad.”

The rapper went on to comment on the impact Lo’s death has had on the community. “Atlanta took a major loss with big bro’s death. Ain’t often [sic] you run into a genuine guy. He helped feed a lot of people. He gave brothers chances and hoped he could come from the ‘hood and win Grammys. That’s something to look up to.

“If I had to say something to him right now, I would say the same thing I always told him, You a real mothe—– one,” he laughed.

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