Dolly Parton to Snoop Dogg: ‘Let’s work’

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Country music diva Dolly Parton has revealed her deepest, darkest desire. Well, sort of. On Wednesday, Oct. 5, the music icon sat down with “The Real” co-host Loni Love, where she revealed she’s longing to work with rapper Snoop Dogg.

“My husband loves him, by the way … so, it’s possible. It’s possible. My husband likes him as a person. My husband just relates to him somehow. He’s the coolest guy!” she said.

“Really?” interjected Love, who proceeded to push for a quick collab. “Snoop, we got to get this coming. You and Dolly Parton!”

The 70-year-old also opened up about the pressure to always look beautiful. “I was not a natural beauty. That’s one of the reasons I have to do whatever I can. So, if my hair don’t do what I want it to do, I’ll wear a wig, and if I ain’t as tall as I need to be, I’ll wear high heels, so I try to be as pretty as I can be … [it’s] not real, but my heart is.”

Of course, a Parton-Dogg collaboration isn’t that far-fetched. In 2011, the “Lodi Dodi” hip-hop veteran, 44, dropped “Superman,” featuring Willie Nelson. “Too many pain pills, too much pot / Tryin’ to be something that I’m not, Superman,” Nelson sings on this bluesy number, referencing the pair’s well-known love of marijuana. “Superman” can be found on Snoop’s Doggumentary album.

Not to mention, Snoop certainly wouldn’t be the first rapper to cross over. In 2009, Taylor Swift brought a little hip-hop to the CMT Awards with “Thug Story.” In the brief video clip featuring an Auto-Tuned T-Pain, the pop star delivered her best bars, saying, “No, I never really been in a club / Still live with my parents / But I’m still a thug!” Fans can check out the video on Swift’s platinum edition Fearless album-DVD disc.

Considering Snoop’s track record and his desire to evolve, this could be a good look. What are your thoughts on the music icons coming together on one epic track? Sound off in the comment section below.

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