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Careers and Diversity » 3 tips to finding and keeping your perfect mentor

3 tips to finding and keeping your perfect mentor

Photo credit: michaeljung /

Photo credit: michaeljung /

In a time where millennials are changing the status quo in regard to entrepreneurship and career paths, young professionals are struggling with finding adequate guidance to help with career strategies or business ventures.

Whether you are on the hunt for a mentor or business coach, there are many qualities to look for besides popularity.

As a millennial and young professional, finding and keeping a mentor that could help direct my career path was difficult until I found out the importance of mentorship and what the relationship should look like.

If you’re stuck searching for a mentor or need help strengthening the relationship, use these tips to get the ball rolling.

Have a plan before pursuing mentorship

When you begin your mentor search, it’s important to have your plan explicitly mapped so you know where you will benefit most from mentorship. If your plan is not properly mapped before your search, it may feel as if you are both incompatible or unproductive, as you are unsure of what you need to do for each other. Creating a statement that encompasses why you are seeking mentorship can make it clear in your exchanges during your search.

Change your viewpoint of mentorship

As a mentee, you won’t be constantly coached or advised. A majority of your mentor/mentee relationship will be about giving and taking. Revealing the value that you can bring to your mentor and identifying the value you are hoping to gain in return are important to maintain an open communication and balance.  As a mentee, you must be dedicating the time and energy to be mentored properly.

Your mentor doesn’t have to work in your field

For many, they feel as if in order to have a successful mentor experience, they must both be in the same field. Fortunately, this is not necessary, as many principles are similar across professions. Another advantage of mentors outside of your field is a diversified network and a constantly evolving viewpoint. Choose a mentor you respect and admire, and focus less on their professional industry.


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