Data analytics meets Germar Reed

germar reed
Photo courtesy of Germar Reed

Germar Reed is a native of Ann Arbor, Michigan. His drive as an entrepreneur led him to the nation’s capital.

What is your official title, the name of your company and job description?

As founder, my job is to launch DC Analyst and move the organization from startup to sustainable business.

Tell us about your education experience.

I received a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a concentration in marketing and finance from East Carolina University in Greenville, North Carolina – 2005 and a Master of Business Administration with a concentration in finance.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?

I was inspired to become an entrepreneur because I feel that it is important for African Americans to create sustainable job opportunities in the STEM fields for our community. I spent the first 10 years of my career assisting corporations from the “inside” with data analytics consulting and realized that I could use the same tools and technologies working for myself.

What do you find to be most challenging about being an entrepreneur?

Balancing the needs of the client against the needs of my organization. And, turning away business that does not line up with my organizations manifesto (“So that others might eat”).

When a client secures your services, what can they reasonably expect as far results?

Clients that secure the services of my company can expect a team of professionals who will use the same skills, techniques and technology being used by fortune 500 companies to provide quality data analytics consulting.

What type of person or company would be a perfect client? And why?

We are looking for clients seeking to solve tough business problems using the data that they are already collecting. The perfect client has already discovered that there is a better way to grow their business and have committed to finding answers to the tough questions surrounding that growth.

What advice would you share with a college student who seeks a similar career path?

I would advise college students seeking to get in to data analytics to focus on a healthy mix of math, business and decision sciences. This strong mix of course work will allow them to understand what the business is trying to answer and how to gather, organize, analyze and present their findings. I would also recommend internships in market research.

How can people reach you to secure your services?

Please take a moment and view our website:

Where do you see your business in the next five years?

I would like to be in a position where we are providing 20+ full-time well paying positions. Have the ability to hire 50+ Freelance Data Analysts. Secure $3.7MM in billable hours. Finally, we would like to be the number one data analytics firm in the DMV.

What inspired you to become a major donor of the Museum of African American History and Culture?

My wife and I were inspired to become donors to the museum because we believe that it is important that we tell our own story. It is also extremely important to us that we give back to organizations that help to grow and strengthen the African American Community.

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