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Cynthia Bailey says she’ll never make a good wife

Photo Credit: Instagram - @cynthiabailey10
Photo Credit: Instagram – @cynthiabailey10

People say that couples who join the reality TV world together are doomed to watch their relationship fail due to the stressors and temptations of the reality TV world. And like many couples before them, Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey seemed to fall victim to that course earlier this year when Bailey announced that she was divorcing Thomas after six years of marriage. Since their marriage problems began last year, both Thomas and Bailey have blamed each other for the demise of their marriage. But in her latest interview, Bailey is shouldering the blame for the divorce and claiming she’s just not cut out for marriage.

According to reports, Bailey stated in a recent interview that she didn’t end the marriage because of Thomas. Instead, she ended it because she couldn’t find peace in her own personal life.

“I will always love Peter and have his back,” Bailey explained. “There was a lot of internal unhappiness. I wasn’t at peace.”

When asked about the infamous June 2015 video that showed Thomas inappropriately touching a patron at his bar, Bailey shrugs it off and explains that Thomas was “just being social.”

“I believe with every ounce of oxygen and bone in my body that Peter never had sex with another woman,” Bailey said, denying the numerous infidelity rumors.

Well, the rumors certainly didn’t help their marriage, but according to Bailey what really sealed the deal on their marriage is that she feels she’s just not good wife material.

“Peter never felt like he was my No. 1 priority. He was right. She was. I couldn’t give up Cynthia Bailey to be Cynthia Bailey Thomas,” she says, before adding that she will never marry another man again. “I was in love with Peter, but I’m just not wife material. I will never be in a relationship again where it will take a lawyer for me to walk away. I will never marry again.”

As far as their divorce, Bailey says that their prenup will guarantee that both will leave the marriage with what they came with. Although she isn’t worried about the money, she says she is worried about being alone again.

“There’s something very scary about turning 50 and being by yourself,” Bailey says. “I just have to believe everything will be OK.”

What do you think of Bailey’s confessions about her divorce and her future? Let us know in the comments.

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