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How to manage post-Election Day 2016 stress

(Photo Credit: lzf/via ShutterStock)
(Photo Credit: lzf/via ShutterStock)

The 2016 presidential race to the White House is our new normal. It is not simply about a campaign for one candidate, but also a vote against the other candidate. With the focus more on defeating the opposition than supporting one’s own party, it has been very personal, very intense and increasingly volatile. Americans are angry, fearful and frustrated, and it’s taken a toll on all levels of interaction.

Author and international stress management expert Genella Macintyre can share numerous tips to help you manage your post-election frustration proactively.


Here are just a few of Macintyre’s tips:

1. Vote. It is the single most important action you can take. By acting on the one thing you are able to control and recognizing that, will lower your frustration.

2. Identify the exact nature of your frustration. Is it fear for what the future holds? Are you ashamed that the other candidate will represent your country? Do you feel betrayed that many others, including friends and family, do not share your view? By identifying the exact cause of your frustration, you can take action to address it.

3. The more intense your reaction to the election results, the more time it will take to process your emotions. Take time to put some distance between the results and its impact on you.

4. Instead of focusing on what “should have been,” ask yourself what you are missing now. Are your relationships with others still strained as a result? Are you bad company for those around you? Are you venting or traumatizing others? Being negative and living with “should haves” increases the stress on you and on those around you.

5. Consciously talk about and focus on something completely different than the election results. What is happening with your family, school or community? Focus on something positive, personal and non-political.

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