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Embody these 3 traits for gainful employment in 2017

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Photo credit: michaeljung /

Millennial employment turnover rates have been rising as more millennials vow less loyalty to major corporate companies. Turnover rates have been trending high according to the Bureau Labor of Statistics and the trend doesn’t show any relief soon. Many companies are combating this by devoting resources to restructure and reshape their organizations.

If your 2017 resolution is to secure gainful employment or employing top talent, these qualities are important to look for. As an employee or employer, focusing your efforts on what you want or can offer a company can better your chances of gainful advancement.

Be Punctual

Whether an employer or employee, punctuality is important. As a boss, it is understandable that scheduling conflicts can occur but with direct reports watching your actions, it’s important to exude the behavior you are seeking from your employees. As an employee, structuring your routine or schedule to always arrive early will show how serious you are taking the opportunity.

Be Passionate

Many spend countless hours working a job they don’t enjoy. Discovering your passion in your work makes the experience more fulfilling for you and those around you. As an employer, finding ways to invigorate your employees and boost morale can change your workplace. Encouraging your employees to have a work/life balance and to pursue what they are passionate about in the workplace will allow for a more well-rounded company experience.

Challenge the Status Quo

Challenging the regular flow of business is not to be confrontational. It is important to take initiative to present new projects, new direction and new ways of thinking in order to continue to compete in your market. Adapting and promoting change often is key to excelling.

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