Best spaces for entrepreneurs to work on their biz

Photo credit: Africa Studio /
Photo credit: Africa Studio /

You made the jump to entrepreneurship and now all you want to do is work on your business. But where do you go? Before you open your laptop on your bed and just start working away, it’s important to remember that working on your bed is not a great idea. If you use the area where you are supposed to relax and get some sleep for work, chances are when it’s time to sleep it will become difficult to turn your brain off. Have a look instead at some great options on where to grow and work on your business:

Co-working space
Co-working spaces are office spaces designed for entrepreneurs. There are communal areas, cubicles that can be rented out, and some even have separate individual offices as well. Co-working spaces are a great way to work in an external setting like one would at a 9 to 5, while working on your business instead.

Coffee shop
You can never go wrong with the coffee shop. There’s desk space and caffeinated beverages to keep you going, which is all you need really. It’s important, however, to not get distracted and keep track of your time and productivity. While everyone in a co-working space is typically working which will tend to motivate you as well, people in coffee shops do more than just work.

Every neighborhood in every city has one, and while libraries are a great way to get your literature on, they also provide a great space to get work done, and in a quiet and non distracting way. Libraries are full of empty seating areas designed for the community to use, so when you’re looking for a place to work on your biz, libraries should be a place to keep in mind.

At home
Setting a separate designated area in the household for a home office space or simply a work desk can make a big difference on your productivity levels than sitting on the couch or dining room table.

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