5 apps to streamline your workflow

5 apps to streamline your workflow
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There are tons of apps out there, and many can work great in a business context by looking at the purpose of the app itself. Check out the latest apps to help simplify your workflow today.

Emails, the one place that could always use more organization. Hop is an app that not only does that, but also makes responses look more like a chat, rather than replies and forwards which makes emails more intuitive. It also groups and organizes your emails intuitively, taking the hassle out of creating tags and folders.

IFTTT is a great app to use to send content across several social media accounts simultaneously, such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. They are also compatible with over 300+ tools. IFTTT also allows you to create a backup on Google Drive.

Curator is like the app version of a vision board. You can post all your inspirations and ideas onto the board, then organize them according to the theme or idea, which is great for keeping those creative juices flowing and keeping fresh ideas all in one place. It can be your own work, or findings from the internet, and all of them can be included and opened within the board.

Microsoft OneDrive
OneDrive is a great app for anyone that uses Microsoft Office. You are able to work on any of your files and documents on the app. It’s super functional, efficient, and a great addition to help increase your productivity.

DocuSign is an app that allows you to sign documents. It’s a great tool to use to e-sign documents. Instead of having to print, sign, scan, upload, and then email documents, all you have to do is create a signature when you are first signing up using their app, and from there your unique signature, or your typed initials if you choose, will be used to sign your documents.

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