‘OITNB’s’ Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli detail their ‘magical’ engagement

“Orange is the New Black’s” Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli detail their “magical” engagement story.

In the February 2017 cover story of Out Magazine, the couple revealed their casual yet memorable proposal. “We’d planned this weekend in Palm Springs. I’m pretty laid-back: If it’s five in the afternoon and Lauren wants to beat the traffic, I’m just hanging around. That day, I wanted to be good and get my packing done. She got home and was just not ready to go, and I was confused. She asked me to sit next to her. Then she got me up, and we started dancing together, and she pulled a ring from behind the couch,” Wiley said of the moment Morelli, who was previously married and split from her husband after she realized she was gay while writing for OITNB, got down on bended knee.

“Lauren has been married before, so I wanted her to tell me she was ready, her to be the one to propose. I didn’t know she was as ready as she was. I was completely shocked. I was crying uncontrollably and kept backing away from her. I asked her after, ‘Who knows about this?’ and she said, ‘Oh, everyone. Your parents know.’ We didn’t tell anyone else for a few days. That was really important to us — to have some time where it was just ours,” Wiley continued.

Meanwhile, Morelli revealed that she had planned to propose to Wiley right before they headed out for Palm Springs and planned on using the getaway as time to celebrate the engagement. “I found a ring, they shipped it to me,” Morelli told the magazine. “I was so nervous and terrified she knew it was coming, but she was so shocked that I couldn’t get her to stop crying.”

Of course, the secret was short lived, as the pair, who began dating in 2014, took to Instagram in October to deliver the big news. “Yes,” wrote Wiley alongside a selfie in which she flaunted her massive sparkler, a squared-shaped stone on a delicate gold band.

Although there’s been no word whether the couple has set a wedding date, we assume 2017 is all about new beginnings. Here’s to love and happiness in the new year.

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