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Meek Mill denies robbing Nicki Minaj

Photo Credit: Instagram - @meekmill

Photo Credit: Instagram – @meekmill

Nicki Minaj took a major blow to her safety and her finances last week when news reports revealed that her home had been burlgalrized and that the famous emcee had lost $200K worth of property to the burglars. However, in the wake of the break-in, some fans were speculating that it was perhaps Minaj’s famous ex-boyfriend Meek Mill who was behind the burglary. But now Meek has opened up about the rumors and denying that he has anything to do with stealing money from Minaj.

According to previous reports, Minaj was out of town when burglars broke into her 11,500 sq ft L.A. mansion and began trashing her home in their search to find any valuable items. Sources say the burglars stole several pieces of expensive jewelry and other pieces of property.

However, sources say that some of the damage to Minaj’s home seemed like it stemmed from a personal vendetta. There were reportedly signs of forced entry in several spots in Minaj’s home, furniture was turned over all over her home, and certain items like picture frames, personal clothing, furniture, and perfume bottles were either destroyed or vandalized.

With such an aggressive break in having taken place at Minaj’s home, many suspected that perhaps Meek had orchestrated the break in as a way to get back at Minaj over their high-profile breakup. However, in a recent paparazzi interview, Meek denied robbing Minaj, saying that he has more than enough of his own money to ever need to rob anyone else.

While showing off his numerous diamond chains and watches, Meek asked the paparazzi, “Do it like like I rob people? I got about $450k on my neck and about $80k on my wrist. Do it look like a rob people?”

When the paparazzi responded with a direct question to Meek about whether he has talked to Minaj since the robbery, Meek responded, “You asking too many f—ing questions about my personal life.”

Well, we guess that answers everyone’s question about Meek’s alledged involvement in Minaj’s burglary.


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  1. The Truth on February 5, 2017 at 2:01 pm

    He had something to do with it….who knew Nicki wouldn’t be home? ‘MEEK MILL’!!! Case closed!!