Tiffany Roberts talks about the vision behind ‘Angels in Training’

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Tiffany Roberts is a woman on a mission and she has vision. The multitalented Roberts has written a play that will touch both men and women in an emotional way. Angels in Training highlights the horrors of domestic violence. So many people trapped in domestic violence find themselves broken and in a vicious cycle of pain. Roberts uses spirituality as a form of healing. The connection with God becomes the backdrop for Angels in Training.

As we continue to recognize Women’s History Month, check out the many talents of singer, songwriter and playwright Tiffany Roberts.

Who is Tiffany Roberts?
I am a visionary who started in the industry as a singer/songwriter. After penning my debut album, Simply Tiffany Soul … I knew I was destined to be in the entertainment industry for the long haul. After cementing my bucket list item of creating the album, I was ready to move on to fulfill other dreams, which led me back to the roots of theater and filmmaking. I have written several stage plays, short films, full feature films, dinner theater shows and directed many for other writers. Currently, I am completing another bucket list check off with my musical Angels in Training. I consider myself a vessel that helps others reach their dreams and goals as well as a devoted wife, mother, glamMa, lover of Christ and friend.

Why did you write the play Angels in Training?
God gave me this play in a dream. Normally, I like to write more edgy pieces with an inspirational undertone. But this show was ordained by the Father. I know the mission is to bring forth awareness but not just for those who are hurting but also those who cause pain and need help.

What is the story behind the title?
We all are “Angels in Training.” trying to figure out our purpose and how to love ourselves as we are. We think of angels as mystical creatures, when, in fact, we are and have living angels that walk with us daily.

You have some noted actors and actresses in your play; tells us how you picked them? I chose DeEtta West for Angel of Love because she is just that, an Angel that always exudes love. From the moment we met, she was like a mother and freely gave love. I wanted to highlight and showcase not only her talents but just being the woman of God that she is.

Have you experienced domestic violence?

How were you able to confront the situation?
It was very difficult to break away from it but an Angel gave me the strength to walk away and learn to love me more than anyone else first.

Domestic violence is an issue in America today. Do you offer suggestions for how to handle domestic violence?
Yes. [Victims] have to understand that they are valid first and have self-love. But the main thing is when the opportunity presents itself to break free that is God sending them help. An abuser usually was involved or was abused and will not change unless they get help and you can’t help them by staying.

What are three things viewers should walk away with from Angels in Training?
1. The importance of self-love and worth

2. You have to forgive

3. We all have our own destiny and purpose.

You have said, “The world is in a peculiar state and people tend to shy away from terrible times.” Explain what you meant by the statement.
People, in general, do not want to be a martyr. Most don’t want to participate in anything uncomfortable and would rather sweep it under the rug instead of standing up and facing adversity and issues.

Simply Tiffany Soul Production. Tells us about the company, how long have you been in the business?
We are a multi-faceted entertainment company, specializing in writing, directing, and producing. However, we offer other services such as editing, story conversion, acting coaching, consultations, and more.

What qualifications, education, skills prepared you for this job?
Performing since I was 5 years old. I have a degree in Information Technology, and Computer Science but it just prepared me to work in plan B to support plan A.

Who or what motivates you and why?
People motivate me.To get more specific my family. My parents are both very talented and so are my siblings. My brother followed his dream as a pro-ball player and my mom and my sister are both amazing writers and artists. My dad had a beautiful baritone voice in his hay day. So they motivate me to live up to my fullest potential.

What advice can you offer women who desire to be a playwright or author?
Don’t give up!  Passion, persistence, & patience are vital. Surround yourself with people who are smarter and more successful than yourself.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be and why?
The lack of unity in our culture and as humans.

What’s next for Tiffany?
Full feature films. Directing two more plays. Maybe a Christmas album.

What’s next for Angels in Training?
We have our eyes set on going to the Fox [Theater] next year, checking off yet another bucket list item. Then if the deal is good a small tour.

 Angels in Training opens April 1, 2017, at the famed Porter Sanford Theatre, in Decatur Georgia. For ticket information visit

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