Same-sex couple discusses why they chose a sperm bank for insemination

Simbaneke Stroud and Katrina Stroud - Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Media
Katrina and Simbaneke Stroud (Photo credit: Jonell Whitt via Steed Media)

LGBT couple Simbaneke Stroud and Katrina Stroud have been together for five years and were married two years ago, shortly after the Georgia Law changed allowing gay couples to legally marry in the state of Georgia. Shortly after they wed, a few things still seemed to be missing in their life. Simbaneke’s mother died and she felt a need to fill a void in her life. Known as Capone in the Atlanta club scene, she says adding a baby into their mix just seemed imminent. The new addition to their family seemed like the new life she needed in her world to shake things up and change the scenery around her life for the better.

For her wife Katrina the decision would be most risky, because she would be the one to actually carry the baby once her artificial insemination was a successful. The original plan was to use a sperm bank and both were in agreement not to have communication with their donor; however, the donor was more than open for communication if they ever feel the need. This procedure can be very expensive, in excess of $1K per round of fertility insemination. After the first time didn’t work, they didn’t lose hope because a lot of couples go several rounds before getting pregnant. Fortunately for this couple, the second round was successful.

The couple sat with our publisher of rolling out, CEO of Steed Media and author of Professor Skye’s Favorite Things, Munson Steed, to discuss love, how their relationship started and why they chose marriage. Steed congratulated the couple on making a commitment and assured them that having a baby is always a blessing for any couple.

See photos and video, after the break.

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