Worst week ever? How a public misstep can change everything

In a perfect world, there would be one emoji capable of encapsulating the wide range of emotions that collectively wash over us every time a public figure makes a series of mind-boggling, self-inflicted mistakes. When this happens, not only do they become trending topics, but the entire narrative surrounding their image becomes irreparably harmed. In other words, they lose a considerable amount of cool points.

The past week featured a disproportionate number of such incidents — ranging from private jets to sex dungeons to orange people. We’ve highlighted a few for group discussion. Have a look and let us know who else belongs on this list of people who are having the worst week ever.


The Who: Bow Wow

The What: In an attempt to flex on the world super hard, Bow Wow posted a photo of a private jet, along with quotes suggesting that this was his mode of transportation for a New York press run. But that fanciful tale was quickly and hilariously debunked when a “fan” outed him just moments later aboard a commercial flight.

The Aftermath: It’s been a rough few days for Mr. Wow, as he’s officially become a trending topic for all the wrong reasons. Just do yourself a favor and Google #bowwowchallenge, and we promise it will be well worth it.

bow-wow-2 bow-wow-1



The Who: Donald Trump

The What: In my initial draft, there was a very specific Trump-related incident that I wanted to address. But before I could even formulate the words, our “president” had done at least three other things. Simply put, he tires me.

The Aftermath: I still don’t want him as my president.

trump-2 trump-1                                                                                   ______________________


The Who: Phaedra Parks

The What: This one had been brewing for quite some time. As the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” season unfolded, an ongoing storyline was Porsha Williams accusing Kandi Burruss of attempting to drug her in order to engage in a threesome with Burruss and her husband Todd Tucker. It wasn’t until the final installment of what felt like a yearlong reunion special that the truth finally came out: it was Phaedra Parks who actually started the rumor. Needless to say, all hell broke loose.

The Aftermath: For all of the goodwill Parks established over time, it appears this one act could have erased it all in the blink of an eye. Reports have it that she is being relieved of her “RHOA” peach, and may also be hit with a big fat lawsuit, compliments of Burruss. Double ouch.

phaedra-2 phaedra-1


NEW YORK, NY - DECEMBER 15:  Stacey Dash arrives at the "American Sniper" New York Premiere at Frederick P. Rose Hall, Jazz at Lincoln Center on December 15, 2014 in New York City.  (Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images)The Who: Stacey Dash

The What: The Clueless actress apparently has this thing where she, uh, you know, comes across as if she hates Black people. Like when she said Black History Month should be eliminated.

And Black networks. And award shows that only celebrate Blacks.

The Aftermath: The International Caucus of Black Folk held a vote and officially revoked her membership card. We’re not entirely sure if she’ll ever be able to gain re-entry, but we’ll table that discussion for another day.

stacey-dash-2 stacey-dash-1


The Who: Tyrese

The What: The always outspoken actor-singer took it upon himself to hop on social media to share his unsolicited opinion that weave and cosmetic surgery are the primary reasons that a lot of women are single.

The Aftermath: He. Got. Dragged.

And then, he was forced to apologize.

The end.

tyrese-1 tyrese-2



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