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Keyshia Cole afraid she’s losing her mother to the streets

Photo Credit: Twitter – @keyshiacole

Keyshia Cole and her mother, Frankie Lons, have had an extremely up-and-down relationship with each other over the years and we’ve seen Lons go back and forth between making progress with her life and her daughters and struggling with her past as a convict and addict. Well, sadly, it looks like Lons’ struggles are ongoing because Cole recently shared on her social media pages that she’s afraid of losing her mother to the streets.

On early Saturday morning, Cole went on Twitter and began to share with her millions of fans that she recently had a conversation with her mother in which she shared that she’s worried that one day her mom is just going to give up on her progress and just go back to her old street life.

“I told my mother the other day I was afraid to lose her because she keeps going back to the streets. You kno what she said? In return? She said. ‘YOU’LL be aight,'” Cole wrote on her Twitter page.

The R&B singer then vented about how hurt she was by her mother’s flippant and nonchalant response about not being in her daughter’s life.

“I was like. Wtf is that suppose to mean. Smh. I will NOT be ok if something happens to her. AT ALL! Not amount of money could replace,” Cole wrote, adding with a simple and heartbreaking tweet, “I don’t think she cares. Really tho. I don’t.”

Cole then explained that, as a mother of a son of her own, Daniel Gibson Jr., she doesn’t understand how her own mother can so callously say that her child will be okay in this world without her mother around.

“Thanks. It really did break my heart to hear her say that. I couldn’t imagine leaving my child before. Thinking. ‘He’ll be aight'” Cole wrote.

The exchange between Cole and her mother was so heartbreaking that she says it brought her to tears.

“And I was crying when I said it. I get to think she feels no pain,” the singer wrote.

Cole ended her confession writing, “Can’t imagine a mother sayin that to her child. Idk. Maybe I fully don’t understand her addiction. That s**t hurt tho” and “Thank u guys for giving me good energy. Sometimes I really do need u guys.”

Our heart goes out to Cole and we really do hope that Lons remains clean and stays away from the streets for her sake and the sake of her children.

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  1. Guest on June 6, 2017 at 9:20 am

    Poor KC, she really tried.

  2. britishrose on June 6, 2017 at 3:57 pm

    this is the same woman who , was acting thuggish and whorish and caused her man to flee, her family was a train wreck when he met her and he finnally gave up on her, hood attitude. she has a nice pop voice , and she dont yet realize , the forest and the tree live together , her moma never cared about her reason that otehr woman raised her addict dont wake up figuring how to better her family bond , she wakes up looking for the drug man . keisha has funded some of frankie habits . she sound more angry that its all on pubic display , , and messing with her image, , it was a bad idea to introduce franki to the public ,, she is an embarrasment to black women period … kesha cole has been a mess in public her self , remember the fight at babys house? he didnt want her , he used her and she was ticked and then her freankie come out .. a tree is no more successful than its fruits ..
    i think no one else will marry her ever , no one want to be in her family with frankie at all .. boobie was the last basketball star she will ever get kmichelle stole her looks and image , she is dead and need to focus on a new album instead of a trainwreck she cant stop frankie need to go away