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Republican lawmaker must resign for saying Obama planned Charlottesville riot

The horrible acts at Charlottesville proved that America still struggles when it comes to racism. But the aftermath of the events have shown that some leaders across the nation are ill-prepared to actually lead. Along with Donald Trump’s disastrous response, other officials have totally mishandled their reactions to Charlottesville.

Rep. Bryan Zollinger of Idaho attempted to place blame on former President Barack Obama. Zollinger shared a ridiculous Facebook post that claimed, “Obama has set up a ‘war room’ to fight against the Trump administration and that Charlottesville was a part of his plan.”

After backlash, Zollinger said that it was probably a mistake to share the post, but it was plausible. The fact that a lawmaker who has the ability to affect legislation will buy into a false conspiracy theory is problematic. It’s not rational to believe Obama would plan for a group of White racists to travel to Charlottesville and kill anti-protestors so that it would affect Trump. Zollinger should be forced to resign because his views and actions are dangerous to the citizens of Idaho.



  1. britishrose on August 21, 2017 at 6:44 pm

    please remember the lawmakers are the same folks atthe rally, its like back when kkk would wear hoods and be the mayor underneath or the sheriff lol , ,they are all the same people you sit in dennys with or see at the bank or see behind a judge rob , most of them ralliers were regular citizens disquised not knowing they would be on tv . and sure no one would recognize them . without the hoods. FOOLS only diffence in the lynch mob and them is they didnt have enough nigros to make a bon fire and no rope to hang somebody . them country backwood rednecks will always place blame on somebody other than their kkk wizard , and the sheriff and judges in their area . while the world shake our head and the stupidity of them out there shoot people over a statue. that most of them were not born when it was put up. and the most of them dont fully know the reason the rest of america wants them taken down . all they know is a white man statue or symbol of power is not americas idea of peace and love so yes it has to go sorry stupid

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