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Don Lemon opens up about his interracial marriage

Don Lemon
Don Lemon (Image source: Shutterstock/lev radin)

Journalist and former CNN anchor Don Lemon recently opened up about his interracial marriage, addressing the criticism he has faced over his relationship with real estate agent Tim Malone. In a candid conversation on the show “Dishin’ It With Justin Carter,” Lemon shared his views on love and marriage, emphasizing that love transcends racial boundaries.

Love who you love

“You love who you love. You fall in love with who you fall in love with,” Lemon expressed, dismissing the negative comments about the race of his partner as ignorance. He stressed the importance of personal freedom in choosing a life partner, regardless of race. “Had I fallen in love with a black man, I would’ve married a black man. Had I fallen in love with an Asian man I would’ve married an Asian man,” he explained, affirming that his commitment to Malone was based on genuine affection.

A personal journey to acceptance

Lemon, 58, and Malone, 40, began their relationship in 2016 and made their engagement public in 2019. Their love culminated in a beautiful wedding ceremony on April 6, 2024, in New York City. Reflecting on his path to finding true love, Lemon shared with People magazine in 2021 how Malone was the perfect match for him, someone who valued family and allowed Lemon to embrace his life openly and honestly.

Advocating for equality in love

The esteemed journalist highlighted the irony of discrimination within communities that have historically faced prejudice. “People who have been discriminated against should know better,” Lemon remarked, advocating for the right to love freely without societal constraints. His message is clear: love is universal, and everyone deserves the right to choose their partner without facing judgment or bias.

While Lemon‘s professional life has seen him in the limelight for various reasons, including a potential partnership with Elon Musk that did not materialize, his personal life with Malone stands as a testament to his belief in the power of love to overcome barriers.

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