Tyler Perry blasted, called ‘out of touch’ for giving $250K to Joel Osteen

Tyler Perry- Photo Credit Jonell Whitt via Steed Medi

The city of Houston continues to find the courage and strength to rebuild following the tragic events of Hurricane Harvey. But one controversial moment that occurred in the midst of the storm involved Joel Osteen.

While thousands of Houston residents were seeking shelter, Osteen initially closed the doors to his church which can hold 17,000 people. After initial backlash on social media, Osteen decided to open his church to those in need.

However, Osteen received more bad press following his first sermon since Hurricane Harvey. “God knew that Houston could handle the hurricane,” Olsteen said during his sermon on Sept. 3. “Quit being upset by something you can handle. God is in control of the universe and what he has spoken over your life will come to pass.” But while Osteen has caught flack in recent days, Tyler Perry has continued to show support.

Perry reportedly has given $1 million to the efforts in Houston and reportedly gave $250k to Osteen’s church. He also gave $250k to Beyoncé’s church pastor and will give another $500k. Perry’s choice to give back should be praised, but some are upset that he’s giving to Osteen who many believe is only a prosperity preacher.

Here are the reactions on social media.


A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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  1. Tyler Perry donates to Black organizations as well as White. I am sure Blacks are staying or being helped by Osteen’s church. You don’t want White donors to just help White people. we would be in trouble then.

    1. i kinda agree. if perry gave a quarter mil to beyonce’s church and plans on giving a half mil more, then i don’t think folks should be too hard on him for giving a quarter mil to the white people too. i don’t particularly like white people but if i had a million dollars to pass out i would probably give em a couple thou. perry is a better man than me.

      1. laugh you dont like white people? so there are blacks whom are racist too . huh?
        i have heard this now i know its true . your a racist . i dont dislike whites as a people i know that it was their race that inflicted some of the most horrific crimes against man ,
        and they are indenial to this day that all that happen but , you have to pray for them and feel sorry for them . god is real he does deal with them all , and most think they will eacape his punishment not at all . its a matter of time , if not here on earh in the after life god is there too . so be careful saying you hate whites cause your just as evil as they are in gods eyes . stop hating a ghost you cant see . its not the human its their rotten spirit

        1. i understand u’r british, so american english isn’t your first language, but i never said i hate white people. i said i don’t particularly like them. another word you don’t understand is racism, which means a social / political / economic system based on racial superiority, which i don’t advocate. also the part about feeling sorry for them is kinda silly – but kudos to you, the part about god dealing with them, you got that right. peace.

    2. Ok you are not getting it, it’s not about blacks giving to whites it’s about what Joel didn’t do during the hurricane. Why would Tyler reward him for bad behavior and of he thinks Joel is going to give that money to people who need it then he’s really outta touch.

  2. Tp is a sell-out PERIOD!! He only has a select few of black friends. And they are just like him SELL-OUTS. And this is my opinion and am entitled!!!!!🗣🤑💵💶👰💸💷

  3. CHILL OUT your suppose to donate and not ask questions , if he is doing for you it wouldnt be done he is helping someone olsteen has millions but thats his choice if he want to open up his church , most of yall complaining didnt send one dime down there shut up please .
    tyler perry seem to support anyone associated with oprah winfrey network , why i dont know he loves oprah? him and oprah bonded and they work together on their networks so he means well , i question his friend ship with td jake though ?

  4. I love my Black people but one thing we gotta start doing is minding our own f*ckin business when it comes to other people’s money. Love y’all but y’all f*ckin make me sick with that bulls*it.

  5. Tyler I know that people are always asking you for money like myself I have been asking for help just to get an apartment because I am in a wheelchair and survivor cancer three times I just want a place to live i know that those people are worst off than me but maybe you will get around to me one day but you still have my blessing for what ever you do its your money do what you think is right they must didn’t see your interview the other night don’t let anyone bring you down you didn’t just stop with Olsen you gave to other groups too You just can’t please everyone God will continue to Bless you anytime you want to contact me the little old lady in the wheelchair looking for an home,,Love you Mr Tyler Perry

    1. You are real stupid how you gonna ask a man you don’t know for help.he owes you nothing. He has team who give money to charities,for him ..he don’t get them letters I assure you his team will not pay min of them beggers sending request.. nothing is free .. you need to apply for goverment assistance and chill. This is the life you built … maybe you need money but you need to consult your local offices of the stAte. There are veteran fund etc… Perry will never give any one off a blog money .. he is to busy to care even… sit down

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