Jamie Foxx reveals his famous father role model; the answer may surprise you

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Jamie Foxx opens up about raising kids in Hollywood.

The 49-year-old proud papa of two is still overcome with emotion after watching his eldest daughter Corrine, 23, hit the catwalk at the height of New York Fashion Week on Wednesday, during designer Sherri Hill’s show.

“In this business, sometimes it can get crazy, but my daughter, she’s just incredible — 23 years old [and] graduated from college. It was just a great moment,” Foxx recently told People.

“It’s amazing to see our kids grow up. We’re so proud of them,” he said of Corinne, and his youngest daughter Anelise, 8. “They ended up being okay.”

Of course, maintaining a bit of normalcy requires a little strategy. For the Foxx family that entails escaping to Miami, Florida, where they spend time at the actor’s home in Westlake.

“I got a great house in Westlake. There’s these little electric boats, and we can pile about 15 people in these boats. You can literally swim faster than the boat,” said Foxx. “I let my daughter drive… the little one. She’s 8, and she’s been driving since she’s like 4.”

Foxx also revealed that when it comes to parenting in the public eye, he looks up to rapper Jay-Z, who shares three children, Blue Ivy, 5, Sir and Rumi, three monthsold, with wife, Beyoncé.

Oddly enough, Foxx hasn’t met the music mogul and wants to keep it that way — for now. “I like to keep that mystique of him. I don’t ever wanna be too close,” he told People. “I keep Jay-Z on a certain level.”

“I took my father to see Jay-Z, not too long after 9/11… this was our first moment of bonding, and I was like, ‘I’m gonna take you see somebody, Pops.’ And we watched that guy and we had a great moment,” the actor-comedian continued of his special connection with his own father, whom he was estranged from, having been raised by his grandparents.

R. Hawkins
R. Hawkins

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