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Muhammad Ali’s 2nd wife says the heavyweight champion was a sex addict

SAN ANTONIO, TEXAS – MARCH 10, 1979: Muhammad Ali signs autographs for fans at the San Antonio International Airport. (Photo credit: Scott Woodham Photography/

Khalilah Ali, née Belinda Boyd, married Muhammad Ali in 1967. She became his second of four wives.

A new Muhammad Ali biography written by author Jonathan Eig titled Ali: A Life alleges the “greatest of all time” had numerous affairs and one-night stands, some arranged by his wife Khalilah. The excerpts were first reported by The Sun newspaper.

They have four children: twins Reeshemah and Jamillah, Muhamman and Laila Ali.

Khalilah Ali says that after she and the former heavyweight champion married in 1967, she would arrange hotel rooms for her husband’s trysts with mistresses.

“Muhammad Ali had a dark side — an evil side,” the book reveals.

Sharon Stone, Muhammad Ali, Diana Ross at Muhammad Ali’s Celebrity Fight Night XIII ,JW Marriott Desert Ridge Resort & Spa, Phoenix, March 24, 2007 (Photo credit: Everett Collection/

The 500-plus page book has an entire chapter devoted to his extramarital affairs.

Khalilah was no stranger to the infidelities but when it was revealed in an article in Newsweek in 1975 where Ali complimented President Ferdinand Marcos, telling him “You have a very beautiful wife.” Marcos replied, “And so have you.” Ali was speaking of Imelda Marcos.

Ali was in the Philippines for the Thrilla in Manila, the historic third and final heavyweight fight with Joe Frazier.

Khalilah had not arrived. Ali was actually there with another woman, Veronica Porche, a 19-year-old actress and model from California, who later became his third wife. They were married for nine years.

Khalilah read the article. When she arrived at Ali’s suite, a karate black belt, she reportedly went into a rage, scratching his face and trashing the room. They divorced in 1976.

She told the author Ali loved sex and was a sex addict. She even admitted to booking hotel rooms for his side chicks and agreed not to disturb him when he was with his jump-offs. And, she spilled the goods on his performance saying he didn’t float like a butterfly in the bed, he more so just stung like a bee.

Ali retired from boxing in 1981. He died last year.



  1. Jason on October 14, 2017 at 9:53 am

    And…… Some like chocolate. Some like cookies. Some like chips. The Greatest liked women. Many people here can relate. Geessshhh. We live in a world where men can no longer be men and say that they love being surrounded by beautiful (an sometimes no so beautiful) women. Let 2018 be the return of the Black man.

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  2. britishrose on October 14, 2017 at 10:02 pm

    let it go lady .. why you want to down a dead man , must be writing a book and want to say hurtful things to get sales , if you notice most boxers are whores , they all like different women and they often are abusive and use money to get what they want most of them were poor before boxing so most had a hard time adjusting to being rich .. everyone with money is not rich in the mind . . mahamad ali use to date a woman name silvia tennyson. a sweetheart of his whom said he like to have many girls back in school so it was no secret he was like that … why tell it now is beyond me .. rememberber boxer jack johnson , he had many women ,mostly white , he had a wife and plenty lovers , he was jailed for 4 year for visiting prostitutes in a brothel , back in the 20s blacks had no rights , and he was rich , so he did what he wanted mostly , he paid for high scecurity , because black men were hung from trees for smiling at a white girl and here he was marrying on he was something else check him out in UNFORGIVABLE BLACKNESS ON pbs . or youtube it

    fascinating man he was the first black heavy weight champion before all of them ., he doestnt get his legacy because of the white women he loved , and he beat his wife almost to death she died of a brain anorism for the beating he gave her . he took care of his mama , and left his first black wife for a white girl …