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Funniest Roy Moore memes after losing Alabama race, starting with Maxine Waters

Our favorite “auntie,” Congresswoman Maxine Waters, unloaded on Donald Trump like Arnold Schwarzenegger on the cops in one of those Terminator flicks. As soon as it was clear that Trump’s alleged pedophile candidate, Roy Moore, was going down in ignominy, Waters dashed to her Twitter account and practically proclaimed a national holiday.

We usually frown on people gloating and boasting after great victory, like we do when a person dunks on his opponent and then stands over him, but we happily encourage Waters to bathe in this euphoric feeling of trampling all over The Donald and his kook cronies. Hopefully, she will break out in a dance on national TV.

Social media also got lathered up in the victory, spraying figurative victory champagne all over the political landscape after Trump stumped hard for his pervert candidate and then had to languish in the White House like rotting milk and watch his boy lose to the left-wing equality crusader Doug Jones. He becomes the first Democrat to win a Senate seat from the great state of Alabama in 25 years.

Take a look at some of the funniest memes and tweets destroying what’s left of the Roy Moore legacy … and the Donald Trump administration.