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Questlove slams Kanye, wears ‘Kanye doesn’t care about Black people’ T-shirt

Questlove. Photo: [email protected]

Kanye West’s boisterous and bombastic return to social media has been akin to a multiple car crash during rush hour. It has wrought sociopolitical havoc in both directions and has many people questioning the egomaniacal rapper’s mental health.

Most of all, West has kept fans and the media wondering what balderdash will come out of his head next, as his return has brought everything from new music announcements, to ridiculous album cover ideas and controversial support of President Donald Trump. Most of Yeezy’s contemporaries and adversaries have peeled Kanye’s scalp back for his reckless pronouncements, challenging Ye’s support for Trump in a series of weird text messages which Kanye, of course, shared on his Twitter account.

The latest celebrity to speak out against West is Roots’ legendary drummer Questlove. The late-night show musician audaciously wore a “Kanye Doesn’t Care About Black People” T-shirt at the recent Concert for Peace and Justice in Montgomery, Alabama.

The T-shirt is an obvious reference to West’s scorchingly-hot and unforgettable statement about former President George W. Bush following  Hurricane Katrina when he appeared alongside Mike Myers to at a celebrity telethon and said, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.”

Rolling Stone senior reporter Jamil Hill, who was at the concert, posted the photo of Questlove on his Instagram account added this explanation to accompany the pic:

“This is the shirt @questlove wore while performing at last night’s Concert for Peace and Justice here in Montgomery, Alabama. It reads ‘Kanye Doesn’t Care About Black People,’ underneath the arching sentence ‘This is an Alt-Right Dream.’ I took this backstage after the event. After Ahmir showed his shirt, someone nearby remarked that ‘Kanye cares about record sales.’ I can’t say that I disagree with that, or the t-shirt.”

West has achieved his objective on being at the center of attention after a whirlwind week in which he tweeted support and love for the 45th president of the United States and endeared himself to the pro-Trump, pro-NRA, white nationalist crowd.

The media also reports that Trump may invite West to the White House after praising West for his views on his presidency, the Black community and the ongoing violence on the South Side of Chicago.