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Myron ‘Magic’ Giggua discusses his 1st Father’s Day

Myron Magic Giggua has been riding the airwaves for more than 20 years, “Making the Ladies Happy.” The San Francisco native was dubbed the “gentleman of the airwaves” by the legendary Jack The Rapper.  Magic started his professional radio career at the historic Carter Broadcasting station HOT 103 JAMZ in Kansas City, home of world-famous Gates Barbecue. Several ribs later, Magic’s radio career continues to be one of dedication and passion.

Magic recently opened MVP Magic Voice Productions. The multimedia organization specializes in creating advertising campaigns, as well as music and film production. Magic is currently the production director and a radio personality at Radio 1 Atlanta.  He can be heard in several markets through his voice and creativity.

Magic continue to work with several radio personalities as a mentor and coach, and he also works with a foundation called “How Big Is Your Dream” established by international drumming sensation Jorel J Fly to get youth involved in the music business.

Magic started a mentoring program called RECESS (Respectfully Educating Communities to Empower Students to Succeed), which focuses on literacy, and is a proud member of Linked Up Church. He is married to his lovely wife Tiffanni.

What legacy are you leaving for your children and the children of your community?

The legacy I would love to leave behind is to live, love, laugh and give. I encourage children around me to love unconditionally and to give till it hurts.

How would you describe your fatherhood culture?

I surround myself with positive men at my church and an organization I am a part of called Man Up Community.  It is a culture of men who love God and love their families. This was not always the case. I matured into this process of learning to love me first.

Why is it important to expose children to education and valuable skills? 

The books I would recommend would be Answered Prayer Guaranteed by Fred KC Price and How Faith Works by Fred as well.  The second or third books would be Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki. There is so much great literature I would encourage them to read weekly.

Which fatherhood experiences have taught you the most about yourself?

The fatherhood experience exposes my selflessness and my selfishness. These are things that were exposed and the things I work on daily in being a parent.

Name one life lesson that no one taught you, but should have.

The lesson that no one taught me was to trust my inner man.

What advice would you give on being responsible for your own dreams?

No one is going to love you like you. When people give up on you, know that God will never give up on you. Be encouraged, and never ever quit on you. When you quit on you, you quit on life and everyone you love.

How has faith helped you in life?

My faith is what has helped my marriage and my family. It simply is an illustration on how Jesus died and sacrificed his life for me. So if I call myself a Christian, the object is to be Christlike. Who do I sacrifice for? Who do I forgive? Who do I love unconditionally? My family wins when my spiritual man is aligned with God’s purpose for my life.

Share one of your fondest memories you’ve experienced with your father, grandfather or father figure.

My grandfather exposed me to music. I loved watching him and listening to him influence my entire family musically. Riding in his Tornado listening to “Mustang Sally” is one of my fondest memories.

Why is writing down your fatherhood goals for life so important? Share your most valued and treasured fatherhood goal.

My most cherished fatherhood goal is to love my wife and my family like God loves me — unconditionally, forgiving, giving and never failing. I simply stand on God’s promises.