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Usher unveils new hairstyle and the shade begins again (photo, video)

Photo source: Instagram – @usher

People are raising their eyebrows and looking sideways at R&B singer Usher these days.

Just weeks after the “You Got it Bad” crooner displayed a funny-looking conk hair look, which led to him being ridiculed from one end of cyberspace to the other, he got his hair braided in a style that some fans says a teenage girl might rock.

Pop culture observers are beginning to wonder if Usher Raymond IV, 40, is having a midlife crisis. Others openly wondered if the “Confessions” singer has too much time on his hands now that he has slowed down tremendously on cranking out hit songs and albums.

Check out Usher on Instagram Live furiously patting his head because his braids itch. Then observe the social media beatdown he is subjected to — again — for choosing to get his hair braided in this manner: