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Shamiar Spann creates opportunity for content creators with new dance network

Shamiar Spann (Photo credit: Epi Media Group)

Shamiar Spann believes in defying the odds. Years ago, she decided she wanted to start her own television network, and instead of cheering her on, many of her friends and family were dumbfounded. This summer, Spann launched Dance Talk Network, and she is excited about the opportunity it will afford creatives and members of the dance community.

What inspired you to create Dance Talk Network?

I created Dance Talk Network to give the art of dance a platform the same way that sports or cooking [have]. If there can be an ESPN or [The] Food Channel, why should there not be a channel for the art of dance, rather than just a show? Dance is so important for so many, especially those in marginalized communities, so a platform depicting dance could be a means of empowerment and inspiration that would not otherwise be possible.

What obstacles did you encounter when attempting to start a network?

I was confronted with many legalities and bureaucratic facets that I would never have thought of before. I had to surpass all of this red tape just to even establish DTN as an entity. Starting a network is the equivalent of starting a business, so there were also inhibitions I had to let go of mentally. Honestly, as I am a woman of color from Jackson, Mississippi, I didn’t know anyone, and it was just me. All I had was myself, and I had to make that work. Failure truly isn’t an option for some people. Before I got started, I was doing everything on my own, and that was tough, but it did not matter because I had a vision. I accepted everything I was faced with because I had been inspired.

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