Jermaine Dupri crowns winner of Rémy Martin Producers’ series

Photo: A.R. Shaw

Several aspiring producers got an opportunity to compete in the 2019 Rémy Producers national finale. Held at Gold Room in Atlanta, the event featured a competition among the four regional winners which included, Scylla, Ovalord, Clyde Strokes, and Tane Runo.

Each producer competed for the chance to win a producer’s deal with So-So Def Records led by Grammy-award winning producer Jermaine Dupri. Season 6 of Rémy Producers partnered with producers Dupri, Boi-1da, and TrakGirl. The producers served as judges for the competition which featured regional events in Chicago, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

Jermaine Dupri, Boi-1da, and TrackGirl. Photo: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media.

During the finale, hosted by DJ Envy, each producer got an opportunity to play their best music as they faced-off. Attendees got an opportunity to share their thoughts on the music before each judge provided a score.

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Ovalord. Photo: A.R. Shaw for Steed Media

In the end, Ovalord proved to be the best. The native of Staten Island, New York used soul samples and hard-hitting snare drums for a beat that caused attendees and the judges to go into a frenzy. Ovalord would eventually walk away as the champion of season 6 of the Rémy Producers series.

“The process of actually picking the producer is very tedious,” Dupri shared with this publication. “Rémy has a template for us to follow when picking the best producers. I had to go through 30 producers in every region…For new producers, it’s important to create a sound, stay consistent with a sound.  Because sometimes, you have to find your own thing. I paid attention to the producers like Babyface and Teddy Riley. They all had their own sound.”


A.R. Shaw
A.R. Shaw

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