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Jewel Burks Solomon tackles divide in tech at Facebook’s ‘Civil Rights x Tech’

What should minorities from disadvantaged backgrounds know to get into this field?

I think first it’s important to get their skills up. We can talk all day about how they should be hiring more diverse talent, but we also have to be prepared when the opportunity comes. So really understanding how the industry works, really being a master of whatever field you’re in, whether you’re a software developer or you’re on the business side. One thing to know is that you can go into the tech industry with just about any background that you want. I was a marketing major at school and I’ve been in the industry now for 10 years. So I think people don’t get too bogged down with the idea that you have to be a coder. It’s great if you are, but there’s also a lot of opportunities available for those who aren’t. So skill set is one, and then getting in the door, networking, making connections and pursuing these businesses whether it’s, you know, meeting people that are in leadership positions and coming to events like this is really important as well. 

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