Stefon Walters knows how to finesse finances

Stefon Walters knows how to finesse finances
Stefon Walters (Photo credit: Charis A.M. Redmond)

Stefon Walters is the author of Finessin’ Finances, a fun and refreshing guide to personal finance. Graduating with a degree in economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Walters became gainfully employed and realized there was a lot that he didn’t know about personal finance.

We caught up with Walters to talk about his book, get tips on personal finance, and how to get started as an author.

Why did you write this book?

When I graduated from college I got a good job and started making decent money but didn’t understand how money worked. I found myself in conversations with people who were talking about money in different ways and I didn’t know anything about what they were talking about. I made it my personal mission to learn more about personal finance. On my journey, I realized that this information is valuable but there is a disconnect between how this information is presented and the way that people who look like us like to take in information. So I thought it would be good to take these topics and common information that everyone should know about and flip it and present it in a way that everyone can understand it. In the finance world, people want to make it seem like these topics are complex and use the biggest words possible, which creates an old boys club and prevents people from absorbing information that can improve their lives. 

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