Former NFL player Stevie Baggs Jr. explores the conscious mind in his new book

Photo courtesy of Stevie Baggs Jr.

Stevie Baggs Jr., is an actor, inspirational speaker, author and retired NFL linebacker. Rolling out recently caught up with the Fort Lauderdale, Florida, native, who now makes his home in Atlanta, to discuss his new book, Woke: A Dictionary for the Conscious Mind, which was released by 13th & Joan Publishing in December 2019.

You published your first book, Greater Than the Game, in 2014. Why did you choose Woke as the title of your latest book?

People are looking at life differently, so for me, I think that so many people are woke, but they are only woke in the area specific to their passion. This book, being a dictionary for the conscious mind, was to help people be woke 360.  This book is to help people unlearn and relearn a lot of the systematic vibratory frequency that we have been programmed to put into the atmosphere, that we’ve been taught to put into the universe, that end up manifesting. Words carry so much bondage or liberation. It’s a book about entomology, linguistics, semantics, all those things combined.  There was something that was birthed in me that gave me the opportunity to lift up the veil.

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