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Model Wendi Usher explains why her potential to succeed is infinite

Model Wendi Usher explains why her potential to succeed is infinite
Wendi Usher (Photo credit: Jhontavis McClean for Steed Media)

With countless cameos under her belt, including recent experience on the set of Bad Boys For Life, Wendi Usher is one of the most sought after models in Atlanta. When she isn’t in front of the lens as a featured model in major music and commercial videos, Usher is branding her candle and interior design companies. She does all this while actively pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Art at Georgia State Univerity. She ultimately hopes to develop a non-profit for the homeless and missing, as communal welfare is one of her biggest passions.

Wendi sat down to tell us more about how she maps out her lofty goals, among other things.

How did you arrive at this career choice? 

Modeling was a natural evolution for me. Growing up, because of my height and features,  the assumption was made that I was a model even though I was not. As I got older, I realized modeling was something I was good at and passionate about. Once I started, I never stopped.  

How do you map out your goals? 

I map out my goals by creating a list of things I am truly passionate about. Whether it be personal or helping others, I measure success by if I have attained these goals and if I am happy in all aspects of life with the outcome. This includes my mental, physical, spiritual health, work-life, and financial state.

Name three books, works, performances or exhibits that changed how you view life and/or yourself. 

  1. Mental Resilience: The Power of Clarity by Kamal Sarma
  2. The Law of Happiness by Dr. Henry Cloud
  3. The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Why do you consider continued learning important? 

Continuous learning, in my opinion, is vital when striving for success. As life changes, you must be ready to adapt both personally and professionally. To make that process easier it would be wise to constantly expand your skill sets and knowledge in certain areas.

What affirmations do you repeat to yourself that contribute to your success?

The main affirmation I repeat is that “my potential to succeed is infinite.” I take charge of my life by taking positive action to improve it and [ensure] that my soul is tranquil and my body is healthy.

If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?

I would eliminate human greed. Human greed is at the core of most of our world’s biggest problems.

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