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Breaking Down Bars: Tank shares his truth about love, life on ‘While You Wait’

Breaking Down Bars: Tank shares his truth about love, life on 'While You Wait'
Tank (Photo credit: KaiYanna Tsehay Washington)

R&B crooner Tank recently released his latest album, While You Wait. During a recent interview on rolling out’sBreaking Down Bars,” Tank shared his inspiration behind the creation of several songs on the project.

Song: “You Never Know”

Lyric: “Told you everything I do for my baby/All she’d have to do is ride/
Told you everything your friendship means to me/And I’d love to have you here/Guess you only wanted to be a friend to me/Let me try and make this clear”

Tank: “It’s like these friend zones that are sometimes done on purpose, or sometimes unconscious. And so, when it’s unconscious, no one is really clear on what they’re feeling or what their intentions are… When I told you about the kind of woman I like, I said, ‘hoping you would catch the vibe.’ I was hoping you would hear me describing you, knowing that I’m listening to you, I’m hearing you and now I want you to hear me… In order to make something really special happen, I’m saying let’s be clear about where we want to go with this.”

Song: “Self-Esteem”

Lyric: “Talk to you like I found you your type/Missin’ so you know I found you your mind/Come take this thing locked into your eyes/I’m focused on more, so what’s inside?”

Tank: “I went with whatever I felt. I played the piano and I just went wherever the music took me. ‘Self-Esteem’ is one of those things where I’m just trying to make sure men understand that side of our purpose. Your woman should feel just as attractive, just as beautiful, just as sexy in your presence as she does when she goes out to the club. Her self-esteem has to be so high. If you want the best out of somebody, build them up.”

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