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BET’s Connie Orlando shares how Black entertainers can help fight pandemic

How can Black entertainers use their voice to shed light on this matter?
This time has shown how resilient our community is, and has always been. So many entertainers are already showing their creative and innovative ingenuity. From D-Nice’s virtual club quarantine to Diddy’s dance-a-thon and state of emergency, we’re seeing small acts turn into huge opportunities for us to connect, to drive awareness and provide resources, which is so key during these unprecedented times.

What advice do you have for BET viewers who would like to help the fight in any way possible?
It’s such a hard time financially and emotionally for so many people, but I’d suggest that they see opportunities to show kindness and compassion in their own communities, and also see what they can do with the resources they have to help someone who may not have.

Helping doesn’t necessarily require finances. Simple acts of checking on your neighbors, and offering emotional support goes a long way.

If you need help or assistance you can go to for resources and information to get you the help you need. If you are interested in donating, text BETGives to 51555.

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