Joe Biden says ‘the pandemic is over’; what the experts and numbers say

The pandemic is over. That information hasn’t been officially declared by a national health professional or the CDC, but President Joe Biden said it confidently during a stroll on “60 Minutes.” The president was interviewed in Detroit and he didn’t hold back on his thoughts about the disease that has shifted the way the world has […]

Dr. Melissa Clarke gives insight on the next potential vaccine method

Dr. Melissa E. Clarke is the co-founder of the Black Coalition against COVID, a principal on D.C. Health Department’s Committee for Safe and Equitable Vaccine Distribution, serves as medical adviser to the Leadership Council on Healthy Communities, and is an originator of their Virtual Health Ministry. Recently, Clarke spoke to rolling out about the COVID-19 pandemic […]

Black and Missing co-founder warns mothers how their daughters can go missing

Derrica Wilson and her sister-in-law Natalie Wilson co-founded the Black and Missing Foundation together with the alarming number of missing Black women and children in mind. Every day people of color go missing and the same passion that is put behind finding White women, men and children is not exercised. In most cases, the whereabouts […]

George Matlock extols the health benefits of CBD

George Matlock is the owner of the Your CBD Store in the tony Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. He talked with rolling out about why he conducted research about CBD, why he opened his store during the pandemic, and why the younger generation should be looking into CBD.

Dr. KaNisha L. Hall is helping the Black community through the pandemic

Dr. KaNisha L. Hall is a board-certified anesthesiologist, sexologist, addiction medicine counselor, published author and media personality. She is a proud Howard University alumna and HBCU advocate. She pushes to end health care disparities and advocates for women’s health rights.

Dr. KaNisha L. Hall discusses finding trusted voices in the medical field

Dr. KaNisha L. Hall is a board-certified anesthesiologist, sexologist, addiction medicine counselor, published author and media personality. She is a proud Howard University alumna and HBCU advocate. She pushes to end healthcare disparities and advocates for women’s health rights. Dr. Hall talks with rolling out about finding trusted voices in the medical field, what she’s doing to protect […]

Secretary Marty Walsh wants more Black Americans to achieve middle-class wages

****Please put under Munson**** For the past seven years, Secretary Marty Walsh has served as the Mayor of Boston. During his tenure, he has aided in the creation of 140,000 jobs, helped secure a higher minimum wage, while simultaneously securing paid sick and parental leave. Walsh was sworn in as Secretary of Labor on March […]

President Biden extending a pause on this payment plan

With COVID-19 continuing to surge throughout the nation, President Joe Biden has put another pause on student loan payments. The payments were originally set to restart on Feb. 1, 2022, but they will now be extended until the first of May. Two weeks ago, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed that the administration was […]

Food and Drug Administration authorizes distribution of 1st COVID-19 pill

On Dec. 22, The Food and Drug Administration authorized the first pill to defend against the severe illness of COVID-19. The pill is called Paxlovid and is for patients ages 12 and over who are vulnerable to serious illness caused by the virus. It is also meant to safeguard the same age group from medical […]

Ahmad Goree discusses how billion-dollar SBA program is bringing hope to small businesses

Ahmad Goree joined the U.S. Small Business Administration’s Dallas/Fort Worth District Office in 2010. He’s currently the lead economic development specialist and public information officer, overseeing economic development activities across 72 Texas counties. Since 2015, his outreach has helped generate more than $6.6B to small businesses and created over 50,000 jobs in the DFW area. […]

Richard Pryor Jr. hopes crowdfunding will help improve his dire situation

Richard Pryor Jr., the son of the late legendary comedian Richard Pryor, has fallen on hard times since the dawn of the pandemic and he’s petitioning the public to help him through the rough patch in his life. Pryor Jr.’s father is universally considered the godfather of modern comedy, having influenced current icons like Eddie […]

Kelly Price was never ‘missing,’ speaks for herself

Kelly Price finally let her fans know that she is safe after a national panic was set off when police listed her as a missing person in Georgia. The gospel and R&B songstress spoke directly to TMZ to let them know that she was never missing. She also informed the publication that, at her lowest […]

Unvaccinated NBA players will be segregated

NBA player

NBA players who refuse to get vaccinated are looking at the prospect of being segregated from teammates when the season starts toward the end of October 2021. According to a memorandum that was obtained by the media, players who refuse to get inoculated will be subjected to very rigorous and frequent testing by the league […]

Dr. Anthony Fauci gathers Nicki Minaj for her vaccination tweets

Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s leading epidemiologist and virus prevention expert, responded forcefully to some of Nicki Minaj’s questionable statements on the vaccine. Fauci, the White House’s chief medical adviser, lectured Minaj about spreading unsubstantiated information about vaccinations without presenting any receipts.  In a live television interview with CNN, Fauci said there is “no evidence” […]

Jordyn Woods and Karl-Anthony Towns discuss how they fell in love (video)

Although model Jordyn Woods and her NBA star boyfriend Karl-Anthony Towns celebrated their one-year anniversary as a couple in May 2021, they decided to discuss how they fell in love this past weekend. On Woods’ Instagram series “Regular-ish,” the 23-year-old, who has 12 million followers, brought Towns on to discuss how their relationship blossomed and […]

‘The Styletrepreneur’ CEO Chiquita White gets innovative amid the pandemic

Chicago-based body-positive shop owner Chiquita White is the duly titled “Stylepreneur” whose Kiwi’s Boutique, is no longer the best-kept secret in the Windy City. Now a nationwide treasure, White talked to rolling out about overcoming COVID during the pandemic and doing her part to protect Chicago while offering up stellar service and the most unique […]

Atlanta Falcons are the 1st fully vaccinated team in NFL

The Atlanta Falcons have never won a Super Bowl, but they have just secured the title as the first NFL team to be fully vaccinated, according to the league office in New York. Commissioner Roger Goodell explained to the media that, as a result of the 100 percent vaccination rate, the Georgia team will no […]