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Alexis Kerr, Cadillac’s head of multicultural marketing, is the epitome of excellence

Alexis Kerr, Cadillac's head of multicultural marketing, is the epitome of excellence
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As Cadillac’s head of multicultural marketing, Alexis Kerr leads the organization’s efforts to increase opinion, consideration and market share among diverse consumers. She also manages corporate social responsibility and music efforts, which are directly aligned to the brand’s global marketing strategy.

Previously, the New York native served as the luxury brand’s head of operations for “BOOK by Cadillac” at the New York City global headquarters. “BOOK by Cadillac” was the first-ever mobility startup in the industry’s subscription service space. In 2016, she was asked to create and lead the customer experience team in General Motors Middle East Operations, managing Dubai’s expansion of culture throughout the entire organization.

Most recently, she was responsible for managing and leading the creative agency execution of the 2021 Cadillac Escalade reveal short film with award-winning filmmaker, Spike Lee.

How would you describe your brand in three words?

Connected, optimistic and innovative.

How can women change the narrative of negative stereotypes as it pertains to Black women?

Black women play a pivotal role in dispelling the negative stereotypes in our society. To change the narrative, we can:

Continue to show positive examples of us leading with excellence;

“Speak up” and support women who need guidance or who need to know there are other ways of approaching situations, and;

Tell our unique stories, in our own voice, to share candidly with other women of color so we can all be elevated together.

I must also candidly say that there’s work to do in our society in the way that Black women are leveraged for their amazing skills, but then told that they are not ready for stronger leadership roles.

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