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Anthony Joiner is CEO of Blooksy, a platform that makes life easier for writers

Anthony Joiner is CEO of Blooksy, a platform that makes life easier for writers
Photo courtesy of Anthony Joiner

Anthony Joiner, a native of Leesville, Louisiana, is an entrepreneur, software solutions architect, and so much more. He is also the founder of Blooksy is the world’s first web-based book writing and publishing platform that makes life a lot easier for those interested in publishing. Joiner has published the works of close to 200 writers and helped thousands more through workshops and training over the past five years. He shared his celebrations and hiccups along the way with rolling out. 

How did you get into the book business?

I lived a double life. So I was doing software development during the day for about 14 or 15 years, and I was doing nightclub promotion at night, restaurant marketing, things like that. Finally, I left corporate America. I started a digital marketing agency working with media people to help build their brands. Part of the brand building was launching podcasts, helping them write books, helping them do online courses. The book thing really caught on because one thing that we know about books is they position you as an expert. Being a process and a software person, I put a process in place that took people very easily from idea to publishing the book. I started traveling around the country doing books across America and would do a two- or three-day workshop. I did a bunch here in Atlanta, and then, of course, the pandemic happens.

What made you turn it into an online business?

So, I couldn’t travel anymore and decided to take this online. People started saying, “I don’t want you to teach me the process. Can I just pay you to publish my book?” I thought it would be easy. I’ll just hire a team of editors, ghost writers, angel writers and illustrators. I’d hire project managers and customer service people.

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