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Nicole Murray curates creativity in art spaces

Nicole Murray curates creativity in art spaces
Nicole Murray (Photo courtesy of Agape Creative Boutique)

Nicole Murray is passionate about how art can affect lives. As the founder of the Agape Creative Boutique, she has curated spaces for local artists to share their work and effect change in the community. Recently, the Agape Creative Boutique partnered with The Art of Banksy exhibit in Chicago to feature some notable artists and to discuss the impact art has on activism and shaping the world. Rolling out spoke with Murray about what success means for her and what she wishes she would have known early on.

Talk about why the Agape Creative Boutique is important.

We are a collective of artistic, culturally empowered creatives. We understand what it means to align and conquer. We work together and to understand each other‘s strengths in a way that adds value. We allow our work to speak our truth and lead from a cultural standpoint.

What is it about art that inspires creativity?

Creativity is an expression of the soul. And art is a palette to do so. It’s more so [that] creativity inspires art.

Describe how you set goals and evaluate your success.

I set my goals by setting a vibration of what I desire to feel when I am successful in an area. And I measure my goals if I feel the déjà vu of that feeling during the process of getting it done. I also put tangible numbers and results to measure on a routine basis.

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