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4 reasons you might be ignoring red flags in your relationship

ignoring red flags
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Many of us have heard about the red flags to watch out for when searching for a suitable partner. In dating and relationships, red flags are warning signs that show you the person you are currently with might not be the right pick for you. These signs typically rub you the wrong way or make you feel like something isn’t quite right with that potential partner.

Red flags can be as extreme as signs that a potential mate has abusive tendencies, an active addiction, or mental health-related issues. They can also warn you that the person might be emotionally unavailable and isn’t ready to be in a relationship. Whatever the red flags are, and no matter how early they appear, you typically know when a relationship isn’t a good fit for you. Even with this intuitive knowing, some people are hell-bent on ignoring red flags, and it can be for any of these four reasons. 

You don’t view the red flags as a big deal.

When you’re just starting in a relationship or getting to know someone when dating, you might view some of the off-putting signs as minor. That may seem like the case at first, but those same things that initially seemed small and insignificant will grow into bigger issues later down the line. 

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