FLOURYSH’s creative director welcomes you to experience accessible Black luxury

FLOURYSH's creative director welcomes you to experience accessible Black luxury
Photo courtesy of Parsons

FLOURYSH’s creative director, Enitan Bereola II, has collaborated with award-winning actress Meagan Good, Congresswoman Barbara Lee, Jidenna, Michelle Williams, Bryan-Michael Cox and more. His sold-out Gray Tour exhibit was named as one of the most progressive social experiments in the country. In addition, Bereola’s collaboration with Kenny Burns and Steve Canal on For Women Only, a traveling show, also sold out in every major market.

With a passion that grows endlessly, Bereola wants potential supporters of FLOURYSH to know that this new e-commerce network is for them.

What would you say to people who don’t believe there is quality in Black products and why should they pay a few extra dollars to support a dream?

I think that a lot of those notions are beginning to be dismantled. You’ve got generation Z, alpha,  they’re turning a lot of those notions on their head. A lot of the guidelines that I came up under are dying. So, I believe that we believe in us. There’s so many business owners that are 30-year-old multimillionaires with incredible customer service, entrepreneurs with beautiful [products].

What was the inspiration for this venture?

I can scour the internet every day, I’ll find 20-50 Black brands that I’ve never heard of that are actually incredible. They’re doing numbers and they’re amazing. They may or may not be where they want to be, but they’re on the right path to that destination. The discovery element is limitless and a lot of their stories aren’t being told.

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