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‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ film explores explosive pain and redemptive love

'The Sky Is Everywhere' film explores explosive pain and redemptive love
The Sky Is Everywhere (Photo courtesy of Apple TV+)

The Sky Is Everywhere is an engrossing odyssey into searing pain and unadulterated love, of loss and betrayal, of the implosive cycle of incessant angst, and ultimately one’s yearning for romance, rebirth and redemption.

Critically acclaimed director Josephine Decker uses innovative directorial techniques to pull us into the world of teen music prodigy Lennie Walker, played by Grace Kaufman. She is emotionally flailing through palpable melancholy and psychological desolation borne from the sudden death of her sister and best friend Bailey, portrayed by Havana Rose Liu. Lennie hadn’t even completely closed the gaping emotional wounds from the premature death of her mother when tragedy struck anew.

These two siblings practically breathed the same air and had plans to attend Julliard together. But when Lennie’s sister passes, her world crumbles, seemingly irrevocably.

It is around this time that a new classmate, Joe Fontane played by Jacques Colimon, swoops down and sweeps Lennie off her feet. Joe showcases exceptional musicianship of his own. Through Joe’s companionship and their common love of music, Lennie begins to crawl out of her own tortured head and tries to rediscover the love of music and the vitality of life that had stolen from her due to tragedy. However, Lennie is simultaneously reconciling her growing attachment to her dead sister’s boyfriend, Toby Shaw, played by Pico Alexander.

'The Sky Is Everywhere' film explores explosive pain and redemptive love
The film “The Sky is Everywhere.” (Photo courtesy of Apple TV+)

It is the intersection of these powerful and conflicting emotions in one film that drew director Josephine Decker to the script.

“One of the things I responded to was how much it holds this huge spectrum of feelings,” Decker explained to rolling out. “And my favorite movies are the ones where we laugh, cry, [and] kind of go through a whole range of emotions. So I wanted to make a film like that.”

Flip the page to view the trailer for The Sky is Everywhere. 

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